Valentine's Day

Today has been a good day. I spent a lot of time yesterday picking up the house and rearranging some stuff and washing all the sheets, pillow covers and sofa covers so I spent last night watching the 4th season of the West Wing on DVD with candles lit. I absolutely love this show and I am so glad that I have them to watch on DVD.

Since we are on a tight budget I planned a nice simple morning meal. Unfortunately I ran out of the coffee that Mom and Neal brought me at Christmas and when I bought some yesterday I did not realize that it was not ground. Grinding coffee is not something that my mini chopper is very good at but oh well. It did it well enough. We just had to run the coffee through a 2nd time and it was fine.

With the coffee I we had an assortment of fresh fruit and chocolate fondue. The fondue recipe is on my other blog. As is the Gorgonzola pasta recipe that we are for lunch. We set up everything on the little table and all gathered around. It was really fun. Kennedy drew a whole bunch of pictures for us.

After that Ruben had to leave for work and I rearranged the back yard. I think it is looking really good. I put the thinner table along the wall for the plants so it would seem bigger. And I think that my little dish area has turned out really cute. Ruben built me a screen that catches all the food under my wash basin so I can get rid of all of the food and keep the ants away.
Once we get the dry lines back on the roof the back yard will be perfect. We had the dry lines up there but we are putting the hooks to high and the weight of the cloths and the force of the breeze is causing one to fall over. So we are going to put them up again but with the hooks much shorter. I think that will make it work.

Now that we had our gas can delivered we can have a hot shower and watch all the fun cheese valentine's Day movies. I think it will be a good night for Ruben. I mean he works at the French restaurant at the hotel and it is very nice and romantic. And it is Adults Only. If you ever come to visit Tulum, the best resort in my opinion is Dreams Tulum. At least of the ones that I have seen. And it is great for kids. They have a kids club that my kids kept dying to go to. It is an all-inclusive resort that is just beautiful. There are a lot of pics from when we stayed there

The best price for Dreams Tulum that I have seen is at We had a great experience working with them.

Anyway, so right now Ruben is at work, the kids are in watching a video and I am going to take a warm shower and watch the next disk in the West Wing series. The kids and I finished off our cheap V-day by making some cupcakes for Ruben and topping them with toasted coconut. :) Yummy!!! I think there should still be some when he gets home. I will try. :)


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