A fun day in Akumal

The kids and I were so excited when we decided to go to Akumal for the day. The kids could not be more in love with the ocean and swimming and playing in the sand. So as soon as we woke up this morning we started to prepare for an awesome day at the beach.

Akumal is a wonderful town just north of Tulum, Mexico. It is a beautiful area with great restaurants, dive shops, bars, and shops. We had heard wonderful things about it and knew that it was famous for sea turtles. Kennedy and Akilean were really looking forward to finding some sea turtles.

We took the collectivo from Tulum to Akumal for about 20 pesos per person. The new rule now is that any child over 4 pays the full fare, but they are entitled to a seat. Kids under 4 can sit in your lap at no cost. The collectivos are vans that travel between Playa del Carmen and Tulum centro.
They will pick you up anywhere along the road and drop you off any where as well. They are also usually the cheapest way to get around. These vans are very nice and run very frequently. All you have to do to catch one is stand on the side of 307(the main road) and they will pick you up.

After getting out of the collectivo we walked a short 5 minutes into the town. It was very cute and I could see that it split into many areas and I cannot wait to go back and explore the town more. But for now, we were focused on beach time. We walked the pathway to the beach and came upon the opening to the bay. It was beautiful.

The beach at Akumal bay was amazing. With the boats anchored around the bay and people able to walk 30 feet with the water at legs, it was perfect for the kids. They were able to jump and play and swim around in as much safety as one could provide. The sand in the bay was perfect- once you got past the rocky part in the beginning.
Kennedy and Akilean went out with Ruben to swim around and every now and then there would be these silver "flying fish" That is what Ruben called them. But the skim along the top of the water for like 15-20 feet. Once the fish came out it was a fun game to try to spot them and catch them. (yeah right)

There were so many people with their snorkel masks and it did not take long to figure out why. There are also a lot of sea turtles. We did not get to see these as we do not have snorkel equipment. Something we need to change because there is just way to much cool stuff to see in the water and such clean water to see through.

There were some really nice looking beach restaurants and beach clubs. We packed a really nice picnic and sat under a great palm tree and had a great afternoon until Ruben had to go to work.

One thing I noticed and I loved was that the recycle containers were far before the garbage can. They were broken down into categories (organic & paper, plastic bottles, glass) And that pretty much covers almost everything consumed by people hanging on a beach in the Mayan Rivera. This made the garbage can able to be small. I really loved that.

I cannot wait to go back to Akumal when we can walk around the whole area more.


Paula said...

That looks beautiful! What a fun way to spend the day. it seems that you doing alot more exploring! That is great
love you

CancunCanuck said...

We love Akumal and there is some seriously good snorkeling right off shore, a good place for the kids to get into the swing of the snorkel in a safe place. Get that equipment and start exploring!

We MUST figure out a time and place to meet up, I know the kids would have a blast together and I am pretty sure we would get along famously. And oh yeah, the husbands might have some fun too. :) Send me some mail at cancuncanuck at hotmail com so we can start making some arrangements for some Sunday in the near future.

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