Cenote Cristal y Cenote Escondido

Today the kids and I really wanted to get out of the house. Around 12:30 we decided to head out to a local cenote. These 2 cenotes that we went to today were Cenote Cristal y Cenote Escondido. Payment into Cristal gains you entrance into Escondido as well. We took a 40 peso cab ride to the entrance of Cenote Cristal and payed the entrance fee. The guy at the front was really nice and only charged me for one of the kids. It was 40 pesos for me and 20 for one kid. This is a really good price for the cenotes. There are some here that cost as much as 80-100 pesos just to get in. And if I were a diver I would totally get it but that is a lot of money just to go in and swim.

After walking down the pathway we came upon the cenote. It was beautiful. I thought that it was funny that the clouds had started to come out a little. That always happens when we head out to the cenotes. But it was still very nice. In the beginning there were very few people there. We had a lot of fun swimming and playing and chasing fish. We ran into some people who had a 6 year old son so the kids had a good time playing with him.

After a little bit we headed across the street to Cenote Escondido. Once past the old wood gate there is a long walk down a dirt road to the water. It was well shaded and a nice walk.

This cenote was also beautiful. There was a short little cliff area you could jump off and that was a lot of fun. There was a family with 3 boys in their early teens doing a canon ball contest. That was really fun to watch.

There was also some locals there and they got a kick out of the fact that the kids spoke Spanish to them and were laughing with them. Akilean continues to be famous for his hair. He looks so cute. I love his hair. Ruben really loves it now too. I was thinking of just cutting off all of Akilean's hair when he got lice but Ruben was like "oh no, that is not happening." And I must say that I am glad because he looks so cute with it. I will be sad when we have to cut it for him to go to school. Oh well.

After the kids had swam all they could and splashed me as much as they could we headed off for home. The kids were starving so we stopped at Gusto's to split a plate of nachos. The restaurant is on the south side of town and is again a very small place with only a few tables. It was a nice little place. We ate and headed off home. A very tired crew. I should clean the house but I am just too tired. So instead we are going to eat lime ice cream (it is really good- like a sorbet) and watch a movie.


Paula said...

WOW...that looks wonderful..man the kids asre getting bigger and more cute everyday! looks like a fun time was had by all. Miss you all so much and love you dearly

Lori said...

I wish that I was there with you!! How fun!

Michele in Playa said...

We did a nice day trip to cenote azul last week.I think these two are next on the list! FYI - is it my imagination or did your blog format change before my very eyes? I like it whatever it is.

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