Living in Tulum

I am so excited to announce that I am starting a new blog about the tourism and life aspect of living in Tulum, Mexico. This is going to be an opinion based information based site for people who are looking to come here for a few days, a few years or the rest of their lives.

When Ruben and I decided to move to Mexico with our kids, we were not sure where we wanted to go. My friend Jordan lives in a town outside of Merida here in the Yucatan and I figured it would be a good idea to have at least one other crazy American girl near by. That has proven to be a sanity saving move. We had originally looked into Playa but since we were not going to move for a few years we thought that by then it would have been so much more developed. (Neither of us had ever seen Playa del Carmen or this part of Mexico before.) But we looked at the map and found Tulum to be the next town south and so decided to move there.

When our move was moved much sooner then we had planned, we sold our stuff, packed some bags and headed to Tulum, kids and cat in tow. I did a lot of looking on the Internet and found that there is a lot more to this town then is on the web sites. I mean, even just living here and wanting to get information is tough. There are some great websites like and They have great info about choices in hotels and restaurants. They seem to more geared towards people coming to visit and has a lot of the larger places. And has the absolute best map of the area. You can pick them up at many places in town, they are free and they have updated at least once since I have been here. But I really want to highlight the smaller less known things about the area. So I thought, hey I can simply document some of these experiences and blog about them.

I hope that it helps with people visiting or looking into moving or who are just curious. Please keep posted. I have been getting some entries together and I hope that people enjoy them. Tulum is wonderful town with a lot of character and wonderful people. I just want everyone who comes here to have the best experience.


sebastian said...

why do you say our site is outdated we live and work in Tulum and have a day to day relationship with the hotels, restaurants and tours represented in our site, we do know this town is growing and changing and we are happy to be part of it. check our website to see how much more clients we have this year and please check our printed map i'm sure you allready have one, you won't find a more complete and updated map of Tulum.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I just re-read my entry and immediatly wanted to change that. What I meant to say was not that it is outdated. I absolutly love your site. What I meant was there was not a lot of places on it. There seem to only ever be 5-7 restaurants and they rotate. I did not at all mean to say that it is outdated. But it is more of an advertising spot. I did not mean any offense. Your map is the absolute BEST there is in Tulum. I want to show more of a daily life rather then an adveritised spot. I hope I did not offend. I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

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