A life altering experience.

Okay.  A few weeks ago I had a life altering experience and since then I have been blessed with the very best of life.  In truth I was blessed before that but sometimes did not feel it or see it.  Unfortunately - all of this has been smacked on the face very horrible event.

But let me start at the beginning as to not ruin the beginning with the end.   I did my very first temazcal on the last new moon.  Now first of all- I am a self confessed hippie.  But more of a beach hippie then a city hippie.  I cannot believe that this was my first temazcal.  It was unbelievable.  It was the New Moon which is  a very powerful female energy. It was also the day of the Solar eclipse!!! Very cool for us female hippie folk. 

A temazcal is similar to an Indian sweat lodge from the United States.  It is very amazing both physically and the release that you put your body through... but even more so for the amazing group of women that you are with.  I truly felt reborn.  I did not get home until very late- I mean like 2:30 am. It was several hours of absolutely wonderful. 

In the beginning we were all asked to write down some of our intentions, the things that we wanted to ask for and focus on.  Some of mine were...
1) Surround myself with people who genuinely love me and care about me
2) Spend more valuable time on things that worked towards my goals
3) be me and be happy and fulfilled with it

etc.  you get the idea.  Then be burned them into the fire.  The songs and chants and fire and steam and songs--- all was perfect.  When I got home then next morning I could feel Ruben looking at me.  he was not just looking at me while I slept- he was starting at me.  In awe.  A women can feel it.  I know he loves me always - but there are times when I can actually watch him remember how much.  After almost 10 years I can watch many thought go across his mind.  He was starting at me in awe and I could feel.  My transformation from the previous night had become to take a hold in my life.  It was great.

Okay... so this is the fast version.... there is was too much to catch you up on.   I went  to San Francisco to pick up my niece and my nephews to come and visit us in Mexico. The way the ticket worked - I was in SF for 4 days all by myself.  It was literally an onslaught of all of my favorite things.  

Other then sleeping in the Mexico City airport everything could not have gone more perfect.  After arriving in SF the Bart picked me up as easy as could be-- one of my very best friends in the entire world was waiting for me on the other end.  We stashed my bags and headed off to "the Haight" for   lunch.  As you would have it... the very next bus was for the Haight!!!  We sat in the park and smoked some of the very best smoke I have in over 2 years. 

***Okay  disclosure**** I am really sorry if this comes as a surprise to anyone or offends anyone...but I do have a vice... this is the only one I have and I everyone in my life knows about it.  I make almost no attempt to hide it as I do not feel it is anything to hide.  As a self professed hippie this should really not shock anyone but.. there you go.  I am really sorry for any offense- but we all have our vice and this is mine.  **** It has been over 19 years and is not about to change now....

So that made my re entry to SF about as perfect as it could possible be.  Plus the abundance of amazing food - readily available is truly amazing.  After living in 2 of the very best cities in the United States- I have forgotten just how blessed I have been.  In Portland OR we do almost everything natural, better.  The fruit and veggies grow bigger and better- sweeter and more abundant, the micro beers are better, the smoke is better, the water that comes out of the ground could not be better if it came from Aphrodite's fountain itself.  And in SF we literally have the whole world living there.  The food is vast, varied and perfect.  So anyway.

After lunch we walked back to Jordon's apartment.  Jordon actually lives here in Mexico but was up working for a few weeks.  We both have many kids and busy lives so to sit through a whole meal without cutting anything for anyone or clean up any mess was great. 

Later the night she took me out on a date.  We got all dressed up- yes very BoHo Chic but we looked great.  She took me to her restaurant which is one of the best in SF- Scalas.  She ordered all the food for us and we sat there for about 2.5 hours.  It was great. We thought that we would hit the town- but after such a perfect day- it was ended on a perfect note. 

The next day we walked and walked and walked- It was like walking memory lane.  After 10 years in SF every spot has a memory.  We walked to the warf and had some coffee in the park and then went to one of my favorite spots- Washington Park.  This is at the base of North Beach (the Italian district of SF) This church was were Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe were married.  :) We then got some espresso and some cheese cake and walked some more. 

Later the day I went to My other Friend Tara's house.  I have not spent time with Tara in years.  She is my oldest friend.  I have known her for over 23 years and we have been close that whole time.  She is one of those people that you can just laugh and laugh and laugh with- she knows everything about me- can be serious and be fun- never passes judgement and is just one of the very best people I could possibly have in my life. 

After a great night with her I was back to SF.  I went to the store and found a bottle of Wine- an Old Vine Zin called Elena.  ( Old vine Zin is my favorite and named after my daughter) PLUS!!!! There was a special- buy 1 bottle get the 2nd for $.05.   YEAH that is right 5 cents!!!  So I  brought one home to Ruben knowing he would love it. 

That day I took myself on a date all by myself.  I took my bottle of wine to my favorite restaurant in SF... the Mona Lisa.  This is my favorite meal of all time- the only thing that I ever sent my husband out to get for me when I was pregnant through either kid-- and I was pregnant for like 2.5 years straight!

That night and the next day I spent it with my good friend Jasmine.  It was literally perfect.  By the end of my trip I realized that my temazcal intentions so far had been true.  Only people that truly love me and care about me surrounded me and I was as happy as I could possible be. 

Okay so that is part one!!! Part 2 is the kids..... I will update more detail later but I got the kids and we were off to Mexico.  I have 3 kids with me- Willie- 1-.. Melanie-- 7 and Freddie- 5.  The kids are wonderful. They are all so well behaved - so nice- so polite - it has been perfect. 

The house was a little trashed when I got home but I know my hubby all to well- he has the let it get trashed and clean it right before I get home- sometimes he runs out of time and again I  can see it on his face.  We were bombarded with new cloths from the family which is wonderful.  Sort of crazy- literally over 20 pairs of shoes.  Almost all flip flops which is perfect!!!!

We have been at the park- the beach- the laguna- etc.  it was not until yesterday that the house acually got deep cleaned- all the laundry got folded and the floors mopped.  So know that I have my sanity with a clean house I can write. 

I am a little crazy about having a clean house. If my house is not clean I start to loose it a little bit.  Ruben knows - if we every fight or he does something wrong- I do not want flowers- I do not need jewelry- but cleaning my house is always the way back to my good graces! hahaha,  

Okay... so the other day we had a perfect day- I mean perfect day.  I took the kids to Ruben's work, we swam in the pool- Ruben and I were all in love and happy and he was doughting on me which I love...  We stayed on the beach really late to watch the Sea turtles come on shore.  In our area- the giant sea turtles come on shore to bury their eggs.  After this beautiful creature had gone back into the sea - I had set my bag down and took the kids into the water to rinse off the sand. 

it was in this moment that someone stole my bag.  Literally 30 seconds.  I have lived in Tulum for over 2 years and never had anything taken from me.  This was made even worse because of what was in my bag.  My net book computer which I use to write ALL of my articles, my camera- which you all know I live be- my cell phone- my bikini top EVERYTHING!  Plus my favorite bag. I am so upset about it. I am not really sure what to do about it. There really is nothing that I can do but I am devastated about it.  I am so upset I have avoided calling my mom because I am so ashamed that I let someone take it.  My mom and poppa Neal are the ones that had just bought me the net book to write on because they knew I was having troubles writing at home with the kids.  I call my mom almost every day and I cannot even "face" her right now. 

I know there is nothing that I can do about it but... well, anyway... now you know why I did not lead with that news. 

Okay so a really extreme stay away

Sorry about my fleeing my blog. Life has been really crazy - good but crazy. My father was here to visit in June with my brother and his wife- sorry I have posted no pics. It was wonderful. He stayed at a hotel that they thought was very near to me. Unfortunately... it was very far away. But it was really nice,. We did a lot of hanging by the pool and just hanging out and talking.

I did get to bring them down to Tulum and we had a really nice visit here. They stayed one night at Ruben's hotel and while my dad went to sleep with the kids my brother, his wife, Ruben and I all went out and lived up the party in town and did we ever. It was really great.

Since then things have been going well - still very crazy but great. I took the kids zip lining and they absolutely loved it. I was very impressed with how well they did. Lena was really scared at first and did not want to go once she was up there. I told her to try it once and then she would know if she did not like it or not. She promptly went again with a huge smile on her face.

I really have had no time to do anything. Well- I have not updated any of my blogs and I have done no writing. I seem to be at quite a writing block recently. I hope that changes. I doubt it will anytime soon as I have 3 more kids staying with me and if I had no time before I have less now.

I did my first temezcal right before I went to SF- both of these and the amazing result of them are a post for another time. I have too much I want to say and not enough coffee in my at the moment.

I also made once of the very best meals of all time.  At least one of the very best that I have ever  made and I have made a bunch of really amazing dinners.  It was a really great tortilla soup.   While my family was visiting we had some at a restaurant. It was very good but  not my ideal tortilla soup so I decided to to make one.  It was perfect.  You can read how to make it on my cooking blog How to cook 1 handed

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