Moving on

Well, since our bikes all got stolen these past few days we have been dealing with it.  But it has been really upsetting.  I mean.   Bikes here get taken all of the time but to steal from kids is just messed up.  I mean, stealing from kids in Mexico is like one of the meanest things you could do.  It is not like the kids that grow up here have much to start with.

I must say something here though.  I am so amazed at my kids resilience.  Their positive outlook.  Lena says to me last night, "momma, remember when we gave our hair to that little girl because she was sick?  Maybe someone to my bike to her too."  She is way too sweet for her own good. 

I told her that was a wonderful way to think about it but that even if your have nice reasons it is still not okay to take something from someone else. 

Grandpa Neal and Grandma Paula came to our rescue once again.  They must really be sick of doing it because they have helped us more then a few times.  I am really excited though that they sent us some money to get new bikes.  I am so happy for the kids because they really deserve those bikes.  They have the best attitudes and imaginations when it comes to playing.  They will literally sit an spin a bottle cap back and forth for an hour.

I remember one time I was at the airport heading to or from the USA.  The kids were sitting on the floor in the airport flicking this bottle cap back and forth for quite a while.  There was a mother nearby who was dealing with some kids that were driving her crazy and she kept looking at my kids with this envious look.

Now let me first say... she caught us at a great moment.  My kids are by no means angels but at this particular moment no one else in the world would have known that.  Plus this poor mom was clearly at her wits end with her travels and I am sure that her kids were annoying more then they normally might.  I know that happens to me.   Once they get you into that mood- everything they do- or don't do drives you crazy.  Things that normally  you would not even notice.  I know that happens to me often.

I am going through a bit of a hard time.  I really do not want to be working outside of the home too much longer but not having money is really hard.  But here in Tulum ( I am not sure if it is the same everywhere) but here and in many small towns in the Yucatan - it is fully understood that the mother does not work. And it makes it impossible to be a part of our kids lives.  I am not really sure what I am going to do.

I really hope that my Tulum Living calendar takes off and I can just focus on that.  We will see. 

What kind of lowlife piece of shit steals a kids bike?

My poor little girl has been crying for 2 hours.  This is such bull shit.  What sort of an asshole steals from a 5 year old.  Ruben and I worked so hard to save up the money for those bikes. My kids got 1 gift from Santa last year- those bikes and this year they only got 1 present.  One of the neighbor boys stepped on Akilean's race track because he was mad at Akilean and now that is gone.  They have nothing for god sake.  And barbies being Barbies now have no arms and no cloths.

 You know this is bull shit.  My children have had their whole lives and everything they ever had ripped away from them.  They literally have like 8 toys between the 2 of them and they rode those bikes EVERYDAY for hours.  And now this.  They do not deserve this. 

And to add insult to injury.  Ruben had arranged a few nights stay at a beautiful little hotel here as an anniversary thing.  We have a few days planed for our 9 year anniversary next month.  We were going to use next paycheck to pay for dinner and what not.  Well, that is over.  Not that I mind giving that up to put towards new bikes for my kids but - fuck this.  I did not deserve this either.  How much more can I have taken from me?

I gave up my brand new home, my friends, my family all of my possessions- and I had finally gotten past all of the college crap furniture and had beautiful things.  All to come to this country were buying a bottle of wine for $5 is a HUGE treat.  and now this. 

Who does this.  What am I supposed to tell Lena.  I keep telling her that i am going to get her a new bike but that is going to take at least 2 months.  This is bullshit.  My kids already have nothing - how can you take more? 

I hate these people.   they better hope I never find them because hurting my kids like this is going to land them in a world of hurt.  People think my husband is a gangster thug- they have never seen a pissed off midget white lady from the states who has just had her kids fucked with.  Anyone who knows me from before knows how psycho I can be.  I have majorly chilled out in these past few years but doing this to my babies- Run you piece of shit- because I swear to god --God himself will cry when he sees what i have done to you. 

I am sorry for the language in this but I am fucking done with this bullshit.

Valentine's Day and a little annoyed- stop being so jaded ladies!

Well we just had our Valentine's Day- and it happened to fall on Sunday when Ruben and I both did not work.  I have never been really huge on this day.  I mean- I am not one of those jaded people who sit back and pass a bunch of judgement - "you should show love everyday" kind of girls.  I do think that it is nice that there is a day out there - however commercial that remind people to celebrate to positive sides of relationships.  Let's face it- there are a lot of men and women out there who are not the romantic show your feelings everyday sort of people and this day in February is one when people are reminded to show a little extra- to offer a reminder- and to give that romantic opportunity to those in relationships.  On the flip side- yes it is commercial and over done and a very Hallmark holiday.  But stop being so flipping jaded. 

I have never heard of anything so stupid as a person dismissing a wonderful gesture from the one that loves them as a commercial ploy that they did not want to do.  How belittling do you need to be to the one you love? 

Having said that- I have made it clear to Ruben that flowers and jewelry are not needed- especially on a day when they cost so much more.  But I do love that we take a little extra time this day to make the people we care about feel special.

We had a very simple holiday.  Our 9 year anniversary is coming up next month so we kept it low key- In fact we both forgot until the day itself!  I woke up with the kids and he was sleeping- "Oh- Shit it is V-day!"  I headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.  Breakfast is big for us on special days- well on any day really- Ruben gets more breakfast in bed then any man I have ever met.  Last year we all had a wonderful fondue breakfast.  This year I made pancakes- of course I made them pink and heart shaped.   The first few mangos have arrived and so I got 2 to put on top- yummy.

Lena made me the cutest card.  She had me write it and told me what to say. It was so cute. "mommy, I love you.  You are a beautiful girl.  I love you because you are my mom.  You say I can play for 10 and 20 more minutes and I like that. I love you."  I could have just died.  She has gotten into the folding of notes now.  She is learning all the ways to fold notes to pass.  Ahh- I remember the day. 

Ruben then left for a minute and I was thinking that he was doing the "oh shit- I have to run and get Mindy something."  But he really surprised me.  He had commissioned a artists friend of ours to do a piece for me and he went to go and get it.  I love it when he plans ahead- Just that he remembered is really special.  

Now I have always been the hippie and my hubby the gangster.  Obviously in the context of normal living but when you break it down those are our basic personalities.  I know - strange right.  but that is who we are.  He has always been opened minded and "okay baby" about my beliefs.  That is why it was so nice when he gave me my gift.  It was a beautiful  amethyst crystal wrapped in black coral.  The best part was when Ruben said that he thought it would be perfect for my table during my readings.  Something to help the energy.  I thought that was so sweet.  It is beautiful and I love it. 

We spent the rest of the day just watching tv and movies and hanging out with the kids.  I hope that everyone had a nice day- if only for the reason that it was Sunday.  And all of you jaded people saying the whole day is just a crock. Lighten up - be jaded another day- mayben Christmas.

Happy and busy days

Well things have been going really well.  I am sorry Momma that I have not been updating my blog.  I have been - well... not wanting to write. :) I love work and it is going really well.  I get to do some pretty gnarly driving and put some really beautiful cars in crazy positions and scare the shit out of tourists.  I get asked at least 4 times a week if I have ever flipped a truck. To which I reply "not yet!"  It is a good time.  And there are so many days that I get a really great group.  Yesterday I had hot French Canadian fireman and 3 awesome French Canadian chicks for my first truck - Firemen are always good and the girls where a  lot of fun. Then for my second truck we just had 1 big family of 8 people- all older college or better- They were very similar to how my family would  be on a trip.  It was great.  And it is so nice to be active again.  We hike a lot climb on rocks, swim for an  hour or so with just fins.  I am also getting to see some of the most amazing land formations.  These stalactites are HUGE and there are caves to explore and everything.  It is very cool.

Ruben really likes his job too but he is having a hard time just sitting.  he has only ever worked jobs where you are constantly moving and there is always something to do.  Here it is much more of hanging out and being ready for when anything does come up.  But I think that he really likes it.  And he gets to ride his bike which is getting him into shape.  It is a good 10 km ride to work so that is good. 

Ruben made me a a beauiful shelf for the kitchen.  It hangs all of my pots and pans and bowls.  I was desperate for them and he did such a great job.  He even made a rack to hang the few wine glasses that we have left.  Yeah!!!!

The kids are doing great but I am loosing my mind with the schools here.  They only go for like 4 hours and there is at least 1 day if not 2 when they close early or have no class.  It is crazy.  I have to put them into private school.  I have to find out about it.  Any one who lives in Mexico and has kids in public school knows what I am talking about.  AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!  Oh well.  It is just part of the learning curve of living in Mexico. 

I must say... a while back I built a wine bottle wind chime and hung it in my front yard.  It makes such a nice little sound when the wind blows.  And it looks beautiful hanging on the arbor.  The flowers are growing in well around it and it will be a really cute little spot when it grows in.  With paying for private school there is no way we will be able to move on building our house so we will be here for a while.  At least we will see the flowers grow in. 

The kids are wonderful.  Akilean is about to loose his 2nd tooth.  The bottom one right next to the last one he lost. It is really cute.  It is so funny to listen to them talk.  They have a strong Yucatan accent.  Their Spanish is fantastic. 

My other jobs are going well too.  I am writing a lot of web pages and articles for Todo Tulum and I love that.  In face today I have the day off from the tour and so I am going to hitch hike to the beach and walk the 2 hours down the beach - no kids- nothing to carry- just walking/swimming down the beach.  I am writing the website for another hotel on the beach so I am going to go check it out.  On the way I am going to visit my friend Johan - another beautiful Frenchman- but this one is a kite boarder.  I might do a lesson on the paddle board.  It looks really fun and like a great work out. 

Well, I had better get going.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.  It is another beautiful day in the Caribbean!!!

Akilean has his 5th birthday party.

Akilean had his 5 year old birthday party this past Sunday. His birthday is not until tomorrow but in his mind he is 5 now. It was a very successful birthday party.

The morning started as all great mornings should... at my favorite taco stand. This day was no exception. I ordered 8 tacos and 3 tamels to go. The morning was beautiful. I headed off to the little tienda to buy the things that I needed to make a pastel de tres leches.

--Strange side note- my neighbor sent her daughter over to my house to ask me if I would be willing to make a cake for her friends birthday. She liked the cake I made at Lena's birthday and asked me how much I would charge for a cake. It was strange but flattering. So anyway. I went to buy all of the stuff I needed and took my tacos home to get ready to make a lot of birthday cakes.

Akilean's birthday cake was so cute. He really really wanted this Ben 10 watch thing that has a toy on the end or something. This thing just happens to be 600 pesos- so not happening. So he got some Ben 10 underwear, a Ben 10 shirt and some little fantastic four guys. But I did decide to make a Ben 10 watch cake.

First I made green cake and then started going to town. It was really cute. I liked how it looked. I tried to make black frosting but did not have enough food coloring. Oh well. It was still really cute.

Akilean loved his party and his pinata. Every one had a really good time.

Happy birthday my little puppy. I love you. 5!!!! Holly crap!

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