Moving on

Well, since our bikes all got stolen these past few days we have been dealing with it.  But it has been really upsetting.  I mean.   Bikes here get taken all of the time but to steal from kids is just messed up.  I mean, stealing from kids in Mexico is like one of the meanest things you could do.  It is not like the kids that grow up here have much to start with.

I must say something here though.  I am so amazed at my kids resilience.  Their positive outlook.  Lena says to me last night, "momma, remember when we gave our hair to that little girl because she was sick?  Maybe someone to my bike to her too."  She is way too sweet for her own good. 

I told her that was a wonderful way to think about it but that even if your have nice reasons it is still not okay to take something from someone else. 

Grandpa Neal and Grandma Paula came to our rescue once again.  They must really be sick of doing it because they have helped us more then a few times.  I am really excited though that they sent us some money to get new bikes.  I am so happy for the kids because they really deserve those bikes.  They have the best attitudes and imaginations when it comes to playing.  They will literally sit an spin a bottle cap back and forth for an hour.

I remember one time I was at the airport heading to or from the USA.  The kids were sitting on the floor in the airport flicking this bottle cap back and forth for quite a while.  There was a mother nearby who was dealing with some kids that were driving her crazy and she kept looking at my kids with this envious look.

Now let me first say... she caught us at a great moment.  My kids are by no means angels but at this particular moment no one else in the world would have known that.  Plus this poor mom was clearly at her wits end with her travels and I am sure that her kids were annoying more then they normally might.  I know that happens to me.   Once they get you into that mood- everything they do- or don't do drives you crazy.  Things that normally  you would not even notice.  I know that happens to me often.

I am going through a bit of a hard time.  I really do not want to be working outside of the home too much longer but not having money is really hard.  But here in Tulum ( I am not sure if it is the same everywhere) but here and in many small towns in the Yucatan - it is fully understood that the mother does not work. And it makes it impossible to be a part of our kids lives.  I am not really sure what I am going to do.

I really hope that my Tulum Living calendar takes off and I can just focus on that.  We will see. 


Chrissy y Keith said...

I and glad everything is working out. You are just going through a season right now with you working outside the home. It will not be forever if you dont want it to.

Leah Flinn said...

Here in Veracruz there are many women that work and take their kids to daycare or leave them with grandma. There are also many that despite being very poor, decide to stay at home to be with the kids. It's a fine line because you want to provide something for your family but you also want to be there. I suppose each individual must decide how much of their time is needed to meet the needs of the children monetarily. Only you can find that line, I wish you the best.

Leslie Limon said...

I live in a small town and lot of the women work. Some are teachers, others tend to their tienditas, and a few clean houses or do laundry and ironing for extra money while the kiddies are at school. I sometimes feel like I'm in the minority. So don't feel bad for working. Besides, you're bringing home some extra money. But I hope that your wish to stay home with your lil' ones comes true very soon!

Amanda said...

I feel like the choice to stay home with our kids or work will always be something on our minds. Like you said when your home you feel like you should be bringing more money in for them and when you go to work you feel like you should be home with them. That would be great if your calendar takes off. Then you can do both.

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