What kind of lowlife piece of shit steals a kids bike?

My poor little girl has been crying for 2 hours.  This is such bull shit.  What sort of an asshole steals from a 5 year old.  Ruben and I worked so hard to save up the money for those bikes. My kids got 1 gift from Santa last year- those bikes and this year they only got 1 present.  One of the neighbor boys stepped on Akilean's race track because he was mad at Akilean and now that is gone.  They have nothing for god sake.  And barbies being Barbies now have no arms and no cloths.

 You know this is bull shit.  My children have had their whole lives and everything they ever had ripped away from them.  They literally have like 8 toys between the 2 of them and they rode those bikes EVERYDAY for hours.  And now this.  They do not deserve this. 

And to add insult to injury.  Ruben had arranged a few nights stay at a beautiful little hotel here as an anniversary thing.  We have a few days planed for our 9 year anniversary next month.  We were going to use next paycheck to pay for dinner and what not.  Well, that is over.  Not that I mind giving that up to put towards new bikes for my kids but - fuck this.  I did not deserve this either.  How much more can I have taken from me?

I gave up my brand new home, my friends, my family all of my possessions- and I had finally gotten past all of the college crap furniture and had beautiful things.  All to come to this country were buying a bottle of wine for $5 is a HUGE treat.  and now this. 

Who does this.  What am I supposed to tell Lena.  I keep telling her that i am going to get her a new bike but that is going to take at least 2 months.  This is bullshit.  My kids already have nothing - how can you take more? 

I hate these people.   they better hope I never find them because hurting my kids like this is going to land them in a world of hurt.  People think my husband is a gangster thug- they have never seen a pissed off midget white lady from the states who has just had her kids fucked with.  Anyone who knows me from before knows how psycho I can be.  I have majorly chilled out in these past few years but doing this to my babies- Run you piece of shit- because I swear to god --God himself will cry when he sees what i have done to you. 

I am sorry for the language in this but I am fucking done with this bullshit.


Bob Mrotek said...

Life is not THAT bad. "Stuff" happens to everybody. Soooo, you were "up" and now you are "down" and one day you will be "up" again. Put a Paypal box on your website and let some of us who can do so to help you out with the bike. Lighten up so you don't hurt yourself. Keep peace in your heart. You are not alone...

Tulum Living said...

That is a sweet idea. And you are right. This is not even that bad. So much worse has happened to people. We are all alive and well but... It just hurts to watch my baby, who never complains about how little they already have to lose more.

But Bob, you are right. I think it is just even worse because now I have someone coming on to my Tulum Living page telling me my blog "stinks of personal interest" I think it is just a bad day for me.

This blog is perfect for venting frustrations and it falls on the ears of people who know what I am going through. Thank you for your kind words.

"Breath... Mindy, Breath." :) I mean, from kids who give everything- including their hair to others... they did not deserve this.

But you are right... life is not THAT bad. It is not even bad. Just disappointing. Thanks again.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I know you are really upset right now. And there is probably very little comfort that words from a stranger can provide. Your kids have more than material stuff. They have 2 loving parents, and that is a rare commodity these days. Use this opportunity to teach your children how to be content in everything. Bad things happen to good people all the time.
Your children will find ways to occupy their minds. I would stick with the plan to go to the hotel with your husband rather than replacing the bike. In fact, I pray that the bike will be replaced without you having to do anything. The greatest gift a child could ever have are 2 parents that love each other. Chin up tough girl. You can get past this.

Tulum Living said...

Chrissy and Keith: I can never leave a comment on your blog. I do not kow why. Sorry to hear about Mom covered with cow pee water- but thast picture is so worth it jajaja.

Thanks for your words. You would be amazed at how much words (even from a stranger) can really help. Especially when you feel like killing someone. jajaja

Chrissy y Keith said...

I will check my settings on the blog. That is weird that you cannnot post. Glad you are feeling better. My mom is finally over her cow pee trauma and can laugh about it now.

On Mexican Time said...

Mindy... I second what Bob wrote. Set up a paypal account, and let those who can help, help. Every little bit will add up, and before you know it your little angel will have a bike, and you and Ruben will get your little holiday.

Refried Dreamer said...

you need an airgun like hubby's in case those little fuckers decide to come back..... and set a trap too... throw a broken ass tv outside or in fact a bag of some "illegal substance".... have hubby perch on the roof and enjoy the show.

Karma is a bitch and they'll get what's coming.....

in the meantime, stay st

Chrissy y Keith said...

are you feeling better sweet girl?

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