Happy and busy days

Well things have been going really well.  I am sorry Momma that I have not been updating my blog.  I have been - well... not wanting to write. :) I love work and it is going really well.  I get to do some pretty gnarly driving and put some really beautiful cars in crazy positions and scare the shit out of tourists.  I get asked at least 4 times a week if I have ever flipped a truck. To which I reply "not yet!"  It is a good time.  And there are so many days that I get a really great group.  Yesterday I had hot French Canadian fireman and 3 awesome French Canadian chicks for my first truck - Firemen are always good and the girls where a  lot of fun. Then for my second truck we just had 1 big family of 8 people- all older college or better- They were very similar to how my family would  be on a trip.  It was great.  And it is so nice to be active again.  We hike a lot climb on rocks, swim for an  hour or so with just fins.  I am also getting to see some of the most amazing land formations.  These stalactites are HUGE and there are caves to explore and everything.  It is very cool.

Ruben really likes his job too but he is having a hard time just sitting.  he has only ever worked jobs where you are constantly moving and there is always something to do.  Here it is much more of hanging out and being ready for when anything does come up.  But I think that he really likes it.  And he gets to ride his bike which is getting him into shape.  It is a good 10 km ride to work so that is good. 

Ruben made me a a beauiful shelf for the kitchen.  It hangs all of my pots and pans and bowls.  I was desperate for them and he did such a great job.  He even made a rack to hang the few wine glasses that we have left.  Yeah!!!!

The kids are doing great but I am loosing my mind with the schools here.  They only go for like 4 hours and there is at least 1 day if not 2 when they close early or have no class.  It is crazy.  I have to put them into private school.  I have to find out about it.  Any one who lives in Mexico and has kids in public school knows what I am talking about.  AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!  Oh well.  It is just part of the learning curve of living in Mexico. 

I must say... a while back I built a wine bottle wind chime and hung it in my front yard.  It makes such a nice little sound when the wind blows.  And it looks beautiful hanging on the arbor.  The flowers are growing in well around it and it will be a really cute little spot when it grows in.  With paying for private school there is no way we will be able to move on building our house so we will be here for a while.  At least we will see the flowers grow in. 

The kids are wonderful.  Akilean is about to loose his 2nd tooth.  The bottom one right next to the last one he lost. It is really cute.  It is so funny to listen to them talk.  They have a strong Yucatan accent.  Their Spanish is fantastic. 

My other jobs are going well too.  I am writing a lot of web pages and articles for Todo Tulum and I love that.  In face today I have the day off from the tour and so I am going to hitch hike to the beach and walk the 2 hours down the beach - no kids- nothing to carry- just walking/swimming down the beach.  I am writing the website for another hotel on the beach so I am going to go check it out.  On the way I am going to visit my friend Johan - another beautiful Frenchman- but this one is a kite boarder.  I might do a lesson on the paddle board.  It looks really fun and like a great work out. 

Well, I had better get going.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful day.  It is another beautiful day in the Caribbean!!!


Mama of 4 said...

Thanks for the update, looks like you are settled in to life in Mexico! It is wonderful to hear how well you and the kids are doing. Life is Good ;)

Paula said...

I am so happy when I click on your blog and it is updted. The shelf looks great, he did a great job on it. Wow the kids are getting big! We sure love you guys and miss you tons. thanks for updating the blog, I know you are crazy busy but it sounds like you are really settling in.

Amanda said...

Wow you are amazing I love to see how you are flourishing with the jobs and getting the kids in school. Your jobs sound so great, I cant wait to get to work. Thanks for the update its an encouragement to me.

On Mexican Time said...

I think it's so wonderful that you find the time to update your blog for your mom...and us :)

Sounds like you are happy and truly settling in! The shelving looks fantastic :)

Leah Flinn said...

I understand about having to sit all day at a job - I would love to be outside and doing things in nature.

lifeemr said...

it's wonderful that you find the time to update your blog .
It is quite difficult to do this.

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