Okay- Lucky as hell!

Well, the past few days have been filled with everything wonderful.  I came home Friday night and got a lot of writing done - which I really needed to get done.   On Saturday- had coffee- sex- tacos - treats- then more coffee- then a killer day at work- Live music at Zamas on the beach- almost full moon and chillin' under a palapa.  Had WAY too many Margaritas.  Well, not really too many -- 5 really well made drinks- a quick smoke with the band on the sea the dancing on the sand.  The night was still pretty young so it was off to the Full Moon Beach party at Om.  I just did a quick appearance but it was great fun.  Most of my very best friends were there and Lucrecia and Jackie did a great fire dance. 

Then Sunday!!!! Yeah- that was all on Saturday.  Sunday I woke up--- to a day off and it was finally a clear day.  I was very happy.  I promptly gathered the kids and headed to Ruben's work.  The beach was as perfect as ever.  Sunny and perfect. 

I made the decision to tell the tour guide company that I can only work for them 3 days.  I mean, I live in Mexico- I do not need to be living the both parents getting home in time to do dinner and bed.  We left the USA- that is not what to do here.  I think they will say yes.  O am really good at my job- the only native English speaker and I get along with everyone.  I hope it works out.  Besides I have so much to write for Todo Tulum. 
Okay- I am really tired.  I am going to go to sleep. 


Chrissy y Keith said...

3 days a week sounds reasonable. The entire family will be better off. Glad you had some fun. Having a joyfilled heart is aways better than a bitter one.

Mama of 4 said...

I love it! You are truly o so lucky ;)

Steve Cotton said...

Slaving in paradise is not the best of all possible worlds. But you sound as if you are having the time of your life.

Amanda said...

Sounds like you have found you happy medium, I hope the job agrees with you and all is well.

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