Back at home. Things have been pretty amazing.  Let me first say that I think I have the very best landlady in all of Tulum- possibly Quintana Roo.  The is her home.  This is not a rental for her. She regrettably had to move to Cancun because her son is sick.  the people that lived here before us totally trashed the house.  There used to be a yard and some nice plants and all of them where trashed because the people had their cloths in the front yard.  the bathroom and tile in the shower is all screwed up and black.  I do not know if he was like a mechanic or what but WTF?!?!?!

Anyway.  We spoke to our landlord and told her about the improvements that we have already made.  She knows that she will have to paint when we leave and because she used the cheapest paint (I would have too) It is all messed up.  You cannot wash it or anything.  So she said that she would pay for the materials and that we could fix up the house a bit!!!

And the best part is that my mom and step dad are coming to visit me soon and so all of this stuff is going to get done soon!  We are painting, re- tiling the floors in the bathrooms and fixing the garden.  I am so excited. 


Steve Cotton said...

Nothing like DIY projects to get the creative juices running. I will be sitting back enjoying your work.

Amanda said...

That is exciting, we have decided to start looking to rent a house here I hope we also get a good landlord.

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