9 happy years

Okay, this has been a little while but here is my "hell yeah- Happy anniversary to me" post.

Ruben and I have been together for 9 years now.  For my website Tulum Living I write posts about the hotels and restaurants and what not that we try.  One of the hotels was kind enough to invite me to stay for a few nights so that I could review another one of their hotels. 

This was very exciting for me because- y'all I live here- and as cheap as the hotel rooms are here- we still do not make that sort of living- so seeing the hotels is not something that gets to happen as much.  We stayed 2 days at Azulik- a beautiful adults only hotel that sits right up on the cliff. 

When we first got there- we were amazed.  The whole hotel is beautiful.  I will be posting a review of the hotel on Tulum Living soon.

We are parents of 2 young children that do a great job of wearing us down and cutting in beautifully on our sleeping time.  The first night - we fell asleep at 5 and did not wake up again until just before sunrise the next morning.  Now I know this is horrible- I have lived here for over a year and a half and i had never seen the sunrise over the water.  I am from the West coast of the USA and I am used to the sun setting on the Ocean.  It was so beautiful to see it rise.  We had a nice breakfast but I must say... i have totally given up on finding Eggs Benedict here in Mexico.  I have even eaten it at some pretty nice places- It does not fly- oh well. 

We spent --literally-- the ENTIRE day- sitting on our little balcony in the sun that was not too warm- which was perfect.  We took a long walk on the beach- another thing we do not do when we have the kids. It was wonderful.  We found some great pieces of coral that had washed up on the shore. 

**JUST A REMINDER*** If you are here- well- anywhere for that matter NEVER touch the reef or the coral.  It is a living breathing creature that is rapidly being damaged by people who do not know or do not care.  The reef is not a souvenir.  Having said that... there are many pieces along the beach that naturally break off and come to the beach.  Feel free to take those- I do not know anything about on the plane or whatnot- but please- please - please--- do not touch or break the living coral that makes this area so amazing. ****

Anyway.  Friday night we went over to Zamas for live music and some great drinks!  It was great.  I love that after 9 years- we never run out of things to talk about or laugh about.  That is not to say there are not plenty of times when we get to sit back and not say anything.  It is  such a great feeling. 

The next day- Ruben went and got the kids as I prepared to head over to the other hotel.  The second hotel was Zahra- and although related to the first- was very different.  It was very low key and really nice.  Not fancy nice- but rustic simple and perfect for a vacation with the kids. 

Zahra is on a secluded section of beach - it was nice to just open the door and let them run crazy.  on Saturday night we headed over to Luna Maya and watched their amazing flamenco show.  It was great. The food was not all the impressive but it was for a wide appeal audience so- oh well. 

The kids go to bed normally between 8 and 8:30- so they were zonked out sleeping on the floor before the show even started.  Ruben walked the kids across the beach and put them to bed.  It was great because we could see our room door from our table.  The show was great fun to watch. 

The next day we got a real treat.  Ruben had set up for us to go on what is called a fun trip.  This is where tour companies will take you on a rapid version of their tour so that you can sell it at your location. We did 2 tours in 1 day so it was pretty fast.  It was great.

The first tour was Mayan Extreme.  It is a great zip line- well 3 in fact- 50-60 and 70 feet off the ground and 150 meters long.  I was very cool.  Then there is a repel.  A free base- repel.  I had never done this before and it was a great time.  I want to do more of it.  Then we went swimming in a beautiful cave.  That was the first tour.

The second tour was great also.  It was a snorkeling tour.  We went to a beautiful cenote and then to the lagoon in Akumal. it was like swimming in an aquarium.  This is the very first place i am taking the next person who comes to visit me.  It was incredible. 
They took photos throughout the day which was good because we did not.  jajaja

That afternoon- we went and got the kids from our neighbor.  We really needed a quick clean of the house so we did that too.  It was tempting to stay at the house- make some dinner and just chill- the kids have school early in the morning- etc.

Yeah- screw that.  We are incredibly broke people that have been given a free nights stay on the beach.  There is no way we are not going. So we grabbed the kids uniforms and headed off to the beach.

It was pretty cold and already pretty late.  We were sitting on the beach- on 2 wooden chairs- a kid on each of our laps wrapped up in blankets - a rum and coke in one hand and a smoke in the other (Ruben his and mine- mine jajaja)  I turned to Ruben and said... "there is nothing wrong in our lives.  there is nothing exceedingly amazing or wonderful- but everything is content.  The kids are happy and healthy, we do not have a lot of money but we have enough to have some sandwiches and a homemade cocktail, We are sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world- and we are so happy. "
it is one of those moments in life when you see that everything is exactly as it should be.  Things are really heading in the right direction.

My school project is going to take off- I know it.  And I know that my calendar idea is a good one too.  Now I just nee to get everything together and executed.  I was always the kid that did the homework and did it well- but would not turn it in.  that cannot happen anymore.  I have  a lot of good ideas and I need to get them into action.



Leah Flinn said...

Great information! Your blog continually makes me want want to visit Tulum.

Mama of 4 said...

Nice post Mindy! Tulum sounds like paradise ;)

Amanda said...

Sounds so nice.

Paula said...

Honey, the tours sound greast, we really want to go to some cenotes when we are there, but don't thikn zip lines or repeling are in my future as my shoulder is not 100% healed and it would be a real drag to break it again! but I know we will have lots of fun things to do. like I told you we are only bringing carry-on and so there is alot of stuff we will buy when we are there.

Paula said...

man I wish there was spell check!

The Black Family said...

I have stumbled upon your blog in searching the internet about living in Tulum, MX Can we email?
My family lives in Puerto Vallarta and want to explore the eastern coastal boarders of Mexico. Would love to chitter chat!

Anonymous said...

I disagree... it seems that your life has a lot of things that are exceedingly amazing and wonderful.

Just look at those pictures!

Also, some of those hotels you stayed at are pretty expensive, if memory serves! Azulik is around $4500 pesos a night! Good for you :)

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