Carnival and a night out with Margo

Carnival throughout Mexico and really all of Latin America is quite a site.  This year in TUlum was no different.   Our small little town made a showing. Ruben sort of chuckled and was like.. "what is this?  This is not Carnival."  I told him to zip it.  In no time we are going to be missing the small town feel of Tulum as it is already changing so much.  It was a really cute little parade- with trucks and vans all decked out and the feather boas flew high.

we took the kids to the festival part and gave them a choice.  They could go on 3 rides or get a toy.  Both are a total waste of money but I have come to learn that is just the way it is with almost anything in association with children. 

Akilean had a big night.  He lost his second tooth.   He has been waiting patiently for it to fall out and it finally did.  Corn on the cob and apples are apparently good for pulling teeth out.  So was one of my birthday cakes one year- huh mom!?! jajajaja

Anyway.  The fair was great like usual.  A few nights later I got to go hang out with Margo in Mexico.  She is a good friend that I met actually via the internet.  She is Margo in Mexico and I am Mindy in Tulum.  And now we are Margo and Mindy in Tulum Mexico.  We had a great night at Zamas listening to some of her favorite live music.  It was a really good time.


Paula said...

sounds like a really fun night...and yes..birthday cakes can be very hard on teeth! Love you Honey

Amanda said...

Im looking forward to our festivities this April. I actually know someone who knows where to be and when this year.

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