Oh my gad... Semana Santa

Oh these 2 weeks have been crazy!  Man I am I glad that I had to quit my job because I do not know what I would have done with my kids.  Oh yeah... surprise... your kids have the next 2 weeks off.  I must say, I knew it was coming eventually. I mean, we have the same spring break type deal in the USA.   These past 2 weeks have been great. 

i mean first of all, my mother is coming to visit me soon.  And my mother is like breathing to me.  She is my deep breath.  That one you do when you need to recenter and refocus.  All of my adult meditation has been focused on creating that feeling that my mother naturally evokes in me.  She will be here for 1 week and it is going to be amazing. 

The last time she was here was Christmas.  We had the most amazing but unfortunately very expensive vacation.  We have been here long enough now that we know how to get a great vacation for a lot less so this one is so much better.  For one- I get to pick her up from the airport.  Last year I hated the fact that she was here -in my state, my new country four hours now and I was not with her. I had to force myself to make tamales just so I would not go crazy.
But this time- i pick them up- grab a few supplies then back to my house where they will stay the night.  Let me just tell you the Extreme Makeover that has befallen on my house.  When we moved in - the house was not made correctly and the people before us treated it terribly.  So the house needed some fixing- both to structure and damage but also to look and we have been going FULL FORCE BABY!!!

The bathroom looks so good.  there is still a lot I wish I could have done before my mom got here but - hey- I live in Mexico and live per quincena!!! jajajaj

We went to great Cenote where we finally met an internet friend that we have been dying to meet. Canuck in Cancun has been a great friend to me and it was so nice.  The afternoon was filled with great kisses and fun music.  We headed over to the festival at Pescatores beach and enjoyed live music and all of our favorite Mexican favorite foods.

The past 2 nights.... NO MAMES BABY!!! we had the BEST few nights. Yeah... thins is a whole new post.  Be right back!!!...     

Lena and I worked in a little R n' R too! jajajaja


Paula said...

love the green eyes! can't wait to see you and I bet the house looks wonderful!
love you
your momma

On Mexican Time said...

Jajaja - glad you got to quit the job, and be at home with your little ones!! I was in Tulum yesterday...we did the ruins, and ate at a really good fish place with a friend of ours who lives there!! Next time I'm in town we'll have to meet up!!!

Michele in Playa said...

So cool that you got to meet Kelly! She is awesome!!

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