Okay so a really extreme stay away

Sorry about my fleeing my blog. Life has been really crazy - good but crazy. My father was here to visit in June with my brother and his wife- sorry I have posted no pics. It was wonderful. He stayed at a hotel that they thought was very near to me. Unfortunately... it was very far away. But it was really nice,. We did a lot of hanging by the pool and just hanging out and talking.

I did get to bring them down to Tulum and we had a really nice visit here. They stayed one night at Ruben's hotel and while my dad went to sleep with the kids my brother, his wife, Ruben and I all went out and lived up the party in town and did we ever. It was really great.

Since then things have been going well - still very crazy but great. I took the kids zip lining and they absolutely loved it. I was very impressed with how well they did. Lena was really scared at first and did not want to go once she was up there. I told her to try it once and then she would know if she did not like it or not. She promptly went again with a huge smile on her face.

I really have had no time to do anything. Well- I have not updated any of my blogs and I have done no writing. I seem to be at quite a writing block recently. I hope that changes. I doubt it will anytime soon as I have 3 more kids staying with me and if I had no time before I have less now.

I did my first temezcal right before I went to SF- both of these and the amazing result of them are a post for another time. I have too much I want to say and not enough coffee in my at the moment.

I also made once of the very best meals of all time.  At least one of the very best that I have ever  made and I have made a bunch of really amazing dinners.  It was a really great tortilla soup.   While my family was visiting we had some at a restaurant. It was very good but  not my ideal tortilla soup so I decided to to make one.  It was perfect.  You can read how to make it on my cooking blog How to cook 1 handed


Amanda said...

looks like your family had a great time with you. Glad your back and Im sure you will break that writers block before to long.

Nikki said...

I have missed your blog !! Glad your back , and sooo glad you and your family have had a great time .

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