A day of snorkeling in the back yard and learning!!!!

Okay--- First of all- I have to say that I have one of the cutest sons in the world.  He has the most incredible imagination.  He has always been very independent when he plays.  He plays and interacts with others very well but he can sit for over and hour or 2 and play by himself. 

When he was just over a yer old her loved to push around cars- trucks- trains--- anything that moved like a car.  In his Montessori preschool his teacher- who was working on her masters degree asked if she could do her final paper on Akilean.  That meant that she would observe him over the course of 2 years and document his development and habits.  The cool part was that she gave me a copy of the paper.  It talked about how he played and how and what he ate etc. One of the funniest things was that he would eat the inside of his apples, then play with the skins as if they were boats or cars.  He would start with his head on the table and watch them roll.  Within a few minutes he would be on the bench and in no time he would be on the floor- one arm above his head and the other pushing around the "car" after a while he would eat all of the skins.

His teacher was not sure if she should try to eliminate the behavior or not.  She chose not and instead made him a mat that had roads and tracks on the them.  He still plays with his cars and trains in the same position.  Even at the beach.  Lena has always been a water baby.  Since the time she was born she loved to play in the water.  Akilean - not so much.  He was more land and sky.  When we go to the beach Lena dives immediately into the water and Akilean falls onto the sand. 

Well  anyway... sort of a digression... Yesterday Uncle Cesar had a kids  snorkeling mask.  Akilean asked to go snorkeling in the back yard.  He first tried to fill up a cardboard box.  After a while he realized that was not going to work.  So he grabbed our cooler and started to fill it up.  It was so cute.  He must have been in there for over an hour- maybe more!  It was so adorable.

Also yesterday- we got the books!  These are even better then I had hoped and thought.  They are basically text books!  The text books that we would get in middle and high school.  They are beautiful!!!! They are so easy to read and really well written.  They outline so many wonderful ideas. 

And they are organized better then I thought.  I thought that it was organized by grade level.  It is done by subject.  So there is a Math book, geography, technology, grammar and language, physics and natural science.  Then there are 3 encyclopedia books in 3 levels.  The first covers subjects like memorization, study, concepts etc.  Then  the 2nd covers more discussions, lectures and communication and then 3rd is history, social studies, art and culture etc.  It is so very cool.

These books are worth every peso!  I am so glad that we got them.  And thank you so much to those of you that helped with them.  It was more then kind of you.  Even my husband sat and read them for 2 hours yesterday.  He   said that one thing that is really cool about the kids getting to the grades that they are getting into is that we get to relearn a lot of those cool facts that we learned as kids but have forgotten. 

I remember a lot about a lot of stuff but there is so much that I have forgotten.  One of my favorite subjects in school was always History and politics.  Being reminded of all of the amazing moments of history that have led to the world being where it is today is really interesting to me. 
I am really excited to be sharing that more with my kids. And it is really going to help my spanish as well. 


Leah Flinn said...

So glad you were able to get the books for your kids. They are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Precious! Like George Lopez's backyard birthday party! Yay!

On Mexican Time said...

Congrats on getting the new books, learning is so fundamental and your kids will really appreciate it!!!

Also, how cute is he in that cooler??!! Love it :)

Paula said...

glad you got the books honey...now let the learning begin!

A Wonderful Life! said...

I think its great to let your kids express themselves. In this day and age I think we are too hard on our kids and try to squeeze them into a box. Especially the U>S>A public schools. You MUST all be at the same level and speed or else. I want my kids to be happy and smiling like your son. Its great.

American Mommy in Mexico said...

Love the cooler story - kids are so amazing!

Amanda said...

kids are so interesting. Glad you got the books they look great.

The Empress said...

OK. had to join up. because...because...because...MY LAST NAME IS ROSAS!!

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