A New Week

Well, the week has started once again.  Thank goodness.  I love the weekend but I do love Mondays.  They are that - lets get it done this week chance.  I like to work in small increments for success.  For example- instead of hoping for a good day- which is tough to truly have from start to finish.  But if you aim for a good hour- you will have so much more success and much more often.  I like starting the week because on Sunday's I do not work- I try not to anyway.  no emails- no calendar- no charity project- NOTHING!  It is my day to be with my family.  Ruben works 6 days a week anyway and has not had a day off in over 3 weeks. (he is banking up 3 or 4 days off for when my Dad, brother and sister in law come next week)  He was going to work again yesterday - but I told him- no- he NEEDS to take the day off and just relax- enjoy hanging out with the kids etc.
On Friday I was supposed to go to hang out with a friend of mine on the beach for her birthday.  That did not happen. I was starting to feel like I was getting sick- you know that very beginning when you can feel it behind your ears?  Well, I bailed on her the first night - then Saturday she told me- "Mindy- you need to get out and get away from the house and away from the kids."  She was right- I had been at home with the kids for over 6 days in a row due to their schools being closed again for several days in a row.  It is too hot to walk to town with the kids so we have been in the house and in the neighborhood for days. 

My friend was finishing up some work redesigning and decorating a guest house down on the beach - hoped in her taxi and headed down to see her and Ruben was going to be able to have a date with the kids.  They love Daddy dates- anything goes with daddy! 

My friend's other buddy bought a bottle of wine and we were off to the beach.  We had a great time hanging out and drinking a little wine.  Then I had a good friend playing his last gig of the season down at Zamas.  I never get to go see him play because well, 1 it is on the beach and 2- with the kids - we never really go out at night. 

When we got there, a  good size table was set up and the owner, 1 of my bosses from 1 of my 3 jobs, some other friends and WHAM!!!! both of my other bosses!  are you kidding me! What are the odds?- Well, actually in Tulum- pretty easy.  But I thought that it was sort of funny.  Plus 2 of my bosses are actually dating.  Diego is my boss at Todo Tulum whom I write for and his girlfriend is the one who has asked me to help her with the weddings.  But still- all 3 of my bosses at the same table- on the one night I am out.  jajaja oh well.  I am NOT working tonight!

The owner was so very sweet and bought us some wine and a few pieces of cake.  Because it was my friends birthday they did the whole song and we lovingly smashed her face into her cake.  :) You gotta love Mexican tradition! Afterwards- we all piled into the car and headed to town to listen to our friends play their next set down at Pepinos Cigar Bar.  This is a new place in town.  It is really cute- right off the Avenue. 

We had so much fun dancing and talking and laughing.  It was a really great time.  I love Tulum Avenue in the evening/night!  All of the people I know and adore were there.  They were all a little shocked to see me- because I am never out at night. We had such a great time. 

We stayed the night in the rooms that my friend is working on and crashed out hard after a night of dancing.  I love Tulum.  I swear I had my shoes in my purse but never put them on.  A far cry from my crazy high heels of San Francisco.  I also ran into a bunch of my fisherman friends - which means that there will be some great fish in my near future.  Best part about an abundance of good friends that fish- there is almost always some daily catches left over. :)

The next morning- Ruben brought the kids down to play at the beach and he went harpoon fishing.  No catches today though.  the beach was beautiful and the kids had a  great time- as usual.  After a fun day at the beach we grabbed some tacos at a new place I found in town that I love!!!! Handmade tortillas, wonderfully flavored meats and freshly made agua fresca.  How could you beat watching Carlos blend up pineapple and chaya into a fresh sweet water right in front of your face!  Plus the tacos are locally priced- not tourist restaurant price.   It really pays to get off the main Avenue. :) The family that runs this place is so sweet.  They are from Chiapas and their 2 year old is adorable!

We sat at home, took showers and watched the craziest kids movie, Clouds with a chance of meatballs. It was a cute but sort of insane movie.  After the kids went to sleep Ruben and I watched  an episode of Lost and went to bed.  

It is a new day!  A new week!  My dad will be coming to visit me next week.  He has never been to Mexico since I moved here so it will be really great to finally show him where I live.  

PLUS- every Monday we start the week wondering- hoping and praying that this week the kids actually have classes all 5 days!  We shall see!   


Refried Dreamer said...

Your life in Tulum sounds AMAZING!!!! Sounds like you had a fabulous night out. Sometimes we need that break from reality/kids/hubby/work etc.... I could go on and on. Makes me think that we need to go down there sooner than i thought!!!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

When I actually get out and enjoy the town- it is perfect. Tulum is great- for me. After 10 years in downtown San Francisco this is exactly where I want to be. Especially as this little town grows and changes.

You guys should get over here- I know that you would have a great time. And we will give the boys one night and then they will give us one night and then we will tear the town apart together!

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