I got to spend a great night with a friend

Yesterday I had a less then great day.  I had some bad energy and just let myself get down and frustrated.  At the end of the day I went to the opening of Las Iguanas, a new restaurant in town. It really is a cute spot and I thin that it will really find a great spot in Tulum.  The whole energy from the day really started to creep into my evening.  Luckily I had a good friend there to say- "yeah..... NO!"  She had a bad day too and she made sure that  I left it.

Thank goodness.  The restaurant opening was good but crazy as you would expect.  I went the other day to meet with the owners and it was  great.  They prepared for me a number of their signature dishes.  The tasting plate from yesterday was not nearly as great but that is just what happens at grand openings.

We had some great margaritas and really enjoyed ourselves.  Even better- when we got the kids home- Deserie and I hung out literally all night long talking and laughing.  I was peaking through the trees and at one point was like- dang--- that is a bright moon.  Then I realized that it was not moon light at all.  The sun was coming up.  It was a really great night. 

Today... we are off to the beach- enjoy the sea and build something... not sure what?!?!?!  last time it was a little copy of Chichen Itza!  Lets see what happens today.


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