Getting a handle on things

There are all sort of crazy things going on.  The other day was such a successful day for me and so many of my dearest friends- including Ruben.  I have been working on getting this killer calendar up on my website so that I can promote and sell it to companies around Tulum.  I spent hours coding and recoding and working out all of the little bugs and it finnaly worked!!!! The events calendar is great!  I am so excited.  I still do a lot of writting and want to continue writing articles on my site - but I am having trouble.  I write a lot for TodoTulum and I love it.  It is hard to keep writing an keep writting.  So the calendar is perfect.  Plus- I can find out all of the great things in Tulum.

Ruben went and spoke to the owners of his hotel that were finally there.  He told them that he was originally told that the pay was going to be $1000 a month.  That is a great living here. But then he was actually getting FAR less then that.  So he went and spoke to them and they agreed to give him a raise.  Not the full amount he was hoping for but more - so that is great.  Plus- when high season comes it is appropriate to speak of another raise. 

Then my really good friend Desere - who is a very talented artist had submitted a proposal for a redesign of one of their suites and she got the job.  All of this is so great.  They came home with a bottle of wine and we celebrated.  It was wonderful. 

The kids are doing great.  They have started to take their classes at the casa de cultura.  This is wonderful but man did it get expensive fast! They both take Tae Kwon Do 3 nights a week and  Ballet 2 nights a week.  The uniforms for Tae Kwon Do are 500 pesos EACH!!!!   Ouch!!!! Oh well.  They are really loving the class.  Ballet was not as expensive for Akilean - just the easy cheap shoes.  But Lena was almost 500 pesos for the skirt, leotard, etc.


Paula said...

awesome Baby!...I will check out the calendar again u

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