A wonderful date with my little girl

Yesterday I took my little girl out for a little girly time. She is such a joy and she works so hard so I decided that we would go to town and get a treat together. Leave it to Lena. What did she want..... sushi! I do not know if it is from living in San Francisco for so long or what but she LOVES sushi! I would venture to say that it is her Favorite food.

So we headed to town to get some sushi. I love Sushill-Out but they have been closed lately. It looks like they are going to be doing some renovations or something. So we headed to the new Japanese place in town. The sushi is very good. Expensive but good. I am so used to sushi in SF where you can find amazing sushi rolls for just a few dollars.

We had a very wonderful little snack and then started to head back home. Just under the new Japanese place is Taco Diaz. They recently moved to this location. We decided to be nice ladies and get a few tacos pastor for the boys back home.

It was at this moment that it started to rain. Now, I am originally from Oregon, USA. It rains A LOT in Oregon. To say a lot is sort of an understatement. Then after 10 years in San Francisco we are very used to the cold and wet weather. Lena could not get out in the rain fast enough. She played in the water while I waited for the tacos.

While we were walking home - she would not let me run to the next cover. She said no, no no - walking mommy. It was so much fun. We could not stop laughing. It was great. We got more then a few looks and even more smiles as we jetted down the sidewalk.

Kids help you remember about the fun things in life. Sushi and dancing in the rain was a perfect Sunday evening!


Mama of 4 said...

What great memories to have with your daughter! Life is Good ;)

Vadose said...

What a sweet daughter date. I love it! It's so great to remember to have special days like that.

Where are you from originally? I grew up in Eugene and then spent eight years in Santa Cruz and Mountain View (worked for two years in SF).

Steve Cotton said...

So, when do the boys take their day out? But who would blog about it?

Nice post. It helped add a bit of warmth to my damp, cool Oregon morning.

Tulum Living said...

I love having dates with each of my kids. Especially when they are so close in age and do everything together- it is nice to have seperate times with them.

Life is GREAT!!!!

Vadose- I am origannaly from Portland, OR!!! Lived in SF for 10 years then a brief stint in Beaverton again before the move to mexico!!!

Tulum Living said...

Steve- The boys got to Play Wi and I brought home tacos! -if it makes you feel better- it is really rainy and stormy here in Tulum too! I miss Oregon. I have been craving BurgerVille for about a year now!

Paula said...

Honey, what a special time for you and Lena.....Mothers and daughters do share a special bond, I know I do with my Mom and my daughter!
love you

Amanda said...

I love when you tell stories of her, she seems like such a delight to be around. You make me look forward to mine being that age, normally it scares me.

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