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So Lena has finally gotten to start her ballet classes which was great.  We went to Playa del Carmen and got all of the stuff she needed.  It was so cute.  Her little skirt- black leotard - SIZE 10!!!!! That blew me away.  She has gotten so big.  But in addition to starting ballet classes... she also was having a performance.  So after just 2 classes- she was thrown on stage. 

It was a great day.  Well, I started his post a while ago and have been so busy- working- playing - sleeping and melting that I have not written at all.  Sorry Momma. 

So the recap.  Lena had her ballet recital after only 2 days of classes.  She had NO fear about being on stage and just watched the girls in front of her.  It was great.  She has another performance on the 6th of June.  Akilean really want to take ballet with her so that is going to  be really fun.  She is also taking Ta Kwon Do as well with Akilean.  I am really glad that they are both into both sports.  I love it when they do things together.  I got so lucky that both of my kids are so close in age.  At the time I thought we would never get through it. But now- I could not imagine having it any other way. 

Lets see what else.... we just had yet another week of holidays in Mexico.  Labor Day, Day of the Holy Cross and then Cinco de Mayo.  It feels like my kids have only gone to school for like 3 days the past 5 weeks.  Oh wait.... they have.  This is a little crazy.  But hey... as my Argentinian  neighbor told  me when I first moved here.... the one sentence you need to know and repeat to yourself is... " Hey... Es Mexico." Keep repeating that to your self when you start to go crazy and you will survive. 

We took the kids to the circus again last week.  It was great.  There are not a lot of animals which I liked because I hate the animals at the circus  They are treated horribly and live a really awful life.  This one had 2 donkeys and a camel!  jajaja You got to love it. We were all sitting on literally 2x4 proper against other 2x4s that were propped against the wall held with string.  Not rope- but string.  I am not sure if anyone actually thought that it would hold but... Hey, es Mexico!  The best part of the circus was watching Lena freak out when Patito came out.  Patito is a child star singer- she has a very popular and actually cute song all about candy.  This was not the actual child star but one done really well to look like her and lip sank. It was really cute.  Lena saw her and said.. "mommy mommy can I go towards the front?"  It was so cute.  She was right at the edge of the circle watching her every move.  After the circus the kids could get a photo with her.  Lena was on top of the world!!!! After her picture she ran up and gave her a huge hug.  It was so sweet. 

Going to the circus was actually a reward to the kids for sitting with such patience while I did their hair.  Lice is a huge problem in Mexico- at least here and especially during the more humid times.  So I sat the kids down, went through strand by strand and got all of those little nightmares out and then put their hair in little tiny braids all over their heads.  Lena looks so cute.  So does Akilean but Lena is a tiny Bo Derek.  TOOOO CUTE!!!!

The other fun thing is that Lena got her ears pierced yesterday.  She has wanted them for a while.  She had them when she was a baby but my hands were in casts for months and I could not take care of them if they got infected so we took them out.  She got earrings for her birthday but we just never got it done.  So yesterday I went and took her. 

She got her earrings and I got to work on my tattoo.  She was scared of the pain at first but did fine.  Then in the middle I was not sure if she was going to do the second.  Our friend Olmo was doing it at his studio and he does not use the gun. She took a minute and got it together and did the second one.  After the pain went - she wiped her tears and ran into Olmo's arms for a hug.  It was really cute. 

What was funny was that I really did not want to get my tattoo worked on either because of the pain but after she did it- I had to.  And it was not that bad.  I mean, anyone who tells you getting a tattoo does not hurt is lying- but it is not that bad.   I still need some green but we will do that next week when I get my next tattoo on my neck.  Well, my back really - jujst below my neck.  I am really looking forward to that one too.

On a totally random note.  I also got a new front door.  We have been needing one for a while and it was finally put in yesterday.  It looks really nice.  Then only bad thing is that they took down my screen door that Ruben had built me and the mosquitoes are really bad right now.  Oh well.  We will fix it. 


Anonymous said...

Great pictures :)

Your little girl is adorable!

Nice front door, too

Paula said...

she is a star..just like her momma
btw...thanks for updating the blog

Amanda said...

How exciting about her earrings, my 3 year old wants them so bad but I don't know where to get them done. I love that you have her dance class, so cute.

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