Mother's Day... 2 of them in fact

Here is one of the joys of a Mexican American life in Mexico... 2 Mother's Days. I was woken on Sunday morning with Ruben saying "let me go make you some coffee."  About an hour and ahlf later he came with a beautiful breakfast.  Eggs Benedict is my all time favorite and Ruben makes the best hollandaise sauce.  he made my beautiful and favorite eggs Benedict and a killer fruit salad with plums, mango, watermelon and kiwi.  A hot cup of coffee and a mimosa.  It was perfect. 

My friend Crystal came over around 10 and we hung out most of the day.  She is also an American Mommy so we spent our day together and drank wine and hung out and watched our kids be crazy. 

Later that day Ruben and I went into town to get some food and some beers.  It was a really great time.  We walked to a few different spots and just hung out.   

On Mexican Mother's day I pretty much just hung on the sofa- the kids played and we just hung out.  Lena and her friends put on a little show for me.  They got all dressed up and set up a little stage and performed 2 little songs for me.  The first is a Chipettes version of the "All the Single Ladies" and the other was gasolina.  It was really cute. 

Then Ruben came home on Tuesday and cleaned the whole house for me.  That was the absolutely BEST gift ever!  Very little makes me happier then a super clean house and it was the perfect Mother's Day gift. 

Here is a video link to Lena's Performances.  It was sooooooo cute. 

YouTube Link 2

One other really sweet thing that Ruben did was put together a playlist with some songs that were from the very beginning of our relationship.  One was our song- you can listen to it HERE  - I have not heard that song in over 7 years- maybe more.  It brought back so many memories. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you had great Mothers Days!

That breakfast looks AMAZING.

Chrissy y Keith said...

You surely are blessed. I was able to load the song, but the 2 videos where unavailable.

Paula said...

looks loke you had a great Mothers one deserves it more than you honey!
love you

Leslie Limon said...

I'm glad you had 2 very happy Mother's days. The Eggs Benedict look amazing. :)

Amanda said...

sounds like a great time glad you had both days.

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