A perfect salad for a really hot day

Well, it has been HOT!  Very hot. The weather towards the middle part of the day is .... well... just awful.  It is so hot. I really want to go to the beach and what not but we cannot do the taxis.  Man I cannot wait to have my car.  I did the math, I spend over 700 pesos a month on taxis just getting the kids to and from their classes everyday.  I spend ,ore getting to and from then I do on the classes!!! That is just messed up.   I cannot wait to get a car.  That will be so great.  Not to mention actually being able to sell my calendar to clients on the beach.  FORGET THAT!!! Just going to the beach!  I really want to go to the beach.

I have been going to town and writting my articles from cafes and what not all over town.  It is just to hard to write as much and as often as I want from the confines of the house.  The house gets very warm and even the kids do not want to go play because it is just way too hot outside.  That is why the streets are all filled with kids in the evening.  This used to drive me crazy before I understood it.  Mid day it is simply way too hot to be outside playing.  Then mosquito hour comes- and that is just awful.  And right now we are dealing with tabanos which are HORRIBLE!!!! Then it is dinner time.  Once dinner is done and everyone is showered (usually this is our 5th shower of the day because it is one of the only ways that actually brings your temp back down! jajaja) Then it is time to step outside and BS with our friends and neighbors.  All of our houses have been baking in the hot caribbean sun for hours- we have been cooking food- and the houses are made out of cement.  Not great for releasing all of that heat.  So- well all sit outside.

When I first moved to Tulum and Ruben and I were driving around thinking about the town and where we wanted to live- Every 2 houses there were people sitting outside.  I did not understand it.  Now I do.  just like the kids running around the streets until late hours- IT IS FINALLY COOL ENOUGH TO RUN!!!! YEAH!!!! 

Speaking of the heat- cooking has not been something that I have wanted to do.  The other day I made the best salad.  Now- I am not a salad person.  I never have been.  I have always loved dressing- but dressing usually ruin a salad- health wise.  Anyway.   Salads have been sounding really wonderful to me lately. 

I made the most killer salad.  It was a bunch of lettuce, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, onion, green apple, and mangoes!!!!!!! it was KILLER- with some croutons and a little light caesar dressing.  I had some champagne dressing my momma bought me - it was amazing which is why it is gone. jajaja.  I chopped a bunch of cooked chicken and it was amazing!  The kids each ate a huge bowl full for their dinner.  I am really starting to love salad.

We had a really nice picnic diner on the floor.    


Steve Cotton said...

I have friends who are spending time in your part of the world. They have told me they are bearing the heat due to the steady winds off of the sea. They now think I should move to your coast from mine.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Great pics! Your home is just lovely! You are an amazing cook!

Sunshine said...

I love your salads! They look super yummy! How do you get kids to eat salads? Way to go!
Were about 1 1/2 from the beach...so i've set up a blow up pool area...with fold out beach chair...and we do the pool every day we can get. It's just so hot here to!

Paula said...

Honey, that salad looks great! good way to get the kids to eat greens. zi need to buy some more of thsat Champagne salad dressing, altho I can't find the "lite" here in my store. Hope you are enjoying the fan! love you

Leslie Limon said...

Hubby and the kiddies didn't come inside the house until 9:30 last night, because it has just been too hot. But I had a fever, so I was actually cold.

Your salad looks great! You should post the recipe on your Cooking One-Handed blog! ;)

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