A new Tattoo

I am so happy to have finally gotten another tattoo.  I love tattoos.  I have been wanting this tattoo for quite a few years now.  Both my back piece and this one have been on my mind for several years.  I waited while I was pregnant--- and then pregnant again (almost immediately) then I was way over weight- then I was in casts and totally broke.  Now I live in Mexico. I do not have a lot of money but I can survive and I live in a place where if I had NO money- I could go to the corner store and get a credit until payday.  Could you imagine walking into Safeway and asking for a credit until payday?!?! BBBBABAHAAHHHH!  Would not happen.  But here - the good and the bad of a small town in Mexico are in full supply.  Both extremes are well represented. 

Some of the pluses are obvious- killer beach (on most top 10 in the world lists) monkeys can be spotted as I walk to town- beautiful ruins and healing energy from a centuries old culture that still exists to this day.  I love the delivery and selling system here- People drive by on triciclos and bikes- sometimes a car and sell just about everything - water bottles- tamales- fruit and veggies- even pots and pans!!! 

But then there are some bad things too- One would be the bugs- the mosquitoes are awful and I hate cockroaches.  But they are a jungle animal and I live amongst the jungle.  I do also hat the tarantula that was in my house last night.  I have found some in my back yard and I have found many frogs in my house after a good rain storm but never a tarantula - that far into my house.  He must have been in here for a while!!! Oh well.   No i did not kill it- but I am not a fan so I covered him with a sauce pan and then went to my friends house and he glided the poor guy out of my house so he could go on and life a happy life in the jungle. 

here is a totally random fact that I learned while doing lessons with Akilean about Spiders.  A female taranchula will live for up to 30 years.  A male will live for about a year and a half.  The reason is that the males- from the moment they are hatched-- are consumed with the idea of mating.  They will literally chase females and mate until all of their good energy is spent.  When the female can see that the male is no longer useful- she kills him. I am not sure if she eats him or not- but I know she kills him.  I thought that was so funny.  It is nature at its most BASIC level!  I did not include that fact for Akilean's class assignment but I used it a lot on my tours.

The other huge negative is not having a car.  The rain storms create some seriously flooded streets and there is no way to get around them.  It is sometimes knee deep.  It is sort of crazy.  Riding my son to school in the rain through a river just sucks.  Plus - when Lena does not have school- I have to leave her at the house by herself while I take and pick up Akilean.  Not a huge fan of that.  I mean, I know she is fine and she has my neighbors if there is a problem but it is a huge pain in the butt.

On the other hand... I have a reminder that I am the Joy of Life!  And I am.  I am the joy of my life.  I realized that it is not my husband or my kids that make me the joy of my Life.  It is who I am when I am with them that makes me better and I love that.  No one else can create importance for you- your spouse, your kids nothing.  Now having said that- My family is part of what makes me the joy of life.  It is my life that I love!  Anyway!  Cheesey yes- but I am in a really good mood today.  Wet and I cannpt do laundry but just happy!


Chrissy y Keith said...

Good for you! I love this posting. Oh, an that is a toad, not a frog... :) Loved the story about the tarantula. I had no idea.

Paula said...

it would be hard for me to get used to the bugs also..but you are handling it well..
love you

Leah Flinn said...

I love the frog! The tarantula would freak me out, but I'm glad you didn't kill it.

Glad you are happy :-)

Anonymous said...

Love that tattoo!! beautiful.

I like hearing about your life in Tulum. We get some crazy flooding in Cancun, too, but the taxi drivers are brave enough to just barrel on through!

Anonymous said...

So, you have a nasty tat on your shoulders that makes absolutely no sense to a native speaker. "I am the joie de vivre" What a dopey fool.

Tulum Living said...

Well, It makes sense to me. And since my opinion that I actually give a shit about- that is the one I will choose to pay attention to. You know- there is always the possibility that you are simply a negative person that has nothing better to do then to leave anonymous comments on peoples blogs.

You know there is a simple solution... go and do something away from your computer.

And the various native speakers that I did consult with agreed that it was fine. But thank you for your opinion in a matter the does not concern you.

I am the joy of life. - so fu** off.

Crystal said...

I love love love people who are not tattooed but feel they can try to force their opinion upon those of us who are tattooed. Its fine..us tattooed people have no problems with the un-tattooed. So please explain to me, help me to understand, why oh why they tend to "preach" about the living arts? Have you met a tattooed person who is like...do you have a tattoo? You don't? You must and have to get one! You are nothing if you don't have a tattoo. Get one get one get one!!!!!! No we are cool, we are accepting..we do not force. Please respect others. You do not have to agree but just respect their right to do what they want with their life. Or if not..take Mindy's advice and fu** off! Thank you for your attention and understanding in this matter.

Crystal said...

PS If you cannot have the courage to put a real signature other than "Anonymous" then please take your head out of the southern dark place and re-evaluate why you can place judgement without owning up to it..again thank you for your attention!

Refried Dreamer said...

I wouldn't even sweat his cracker ass. Love the tattoo... :)

scott breedlove said...

it really disgusts me that some people have negative opinions on something that has nothing to do with them! and really? put your name up if you have the balls to open your mouth, say who you you are! tattoo is truly self expression, and not mean for others to critique! so anonymous, go deal with your own insecurities and leave better people alome!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I have come to learn that there are just some people that love to be negative. That love to spread their poison. There is nothing that I can do about that other then trust that their small minded spewing will eventually land them in a situation most unpleasant.

Meanwhile i am comforted by the fact that I live in a beautiful little paradise and have a beautiful family. Life is good on my end. jajaja.

Thanks for the support though. I have thought about eliminating anon. comments but what is the point. The only ones who look bad are the ones who spew negativity.

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