Is Tulum safe to visit???

Is Tulum, Mexico safe. Is Tulum safe for Children? Is it safe to travel in Mexico? YES!YES!YES!YES!YES!YES! I have been bombarded with questions, posts, news and people wondering if Mexico especially the Yucatan and the Rivera Maya are safe to travel in. Let me say this... 1) I lived in the tenderloin of San Francisco for 10 years. This is not a good area. it is filled with drugs, shootings, and gangs. However. People NEVER asked me or questioned me about the safety there. But since I have lived here... (a town that is filled with kind caring people) I have gotten many questions about its safety.

Now, if you do not use common sense then yes the world is dangerous. Not Mexico. Not Mexicans. But the world. If you do not use the brain that god/buddha/the higher power/ YOUR MOTHER gave you then yes... the world is a scary place. however, if you use your head you will be fine. and that could not be more true then here in the Rivera Maya.

I understand that Mexico and the USA are involved in a very scary war on the cartels. First of all... this is not a Mexican problem. This is a problem that is as much north of the border as south. I am glad that President Obama has very realistic ideas and goals to this problem. But I can say for sure that I feel so safe here. My children are safe here. The people here want no harm to come to us.

I read a blog entry a while back... (if you read any of the meican bloggers here then you have heard a lot about this subject) Check these 2 out for some great information.
www.hiddencancun.rivergirl/2009/02/09/is-cancun-safe-for-tourists and

But that aside... my family is safe here. We walk all over town at all hours of the night totally safe.

I hope that people do actual research and do not listen to scare provoking propaganda that attempt to strike fear in tourists. If you have any questions about anything here in the Yucatan, Tulum, Cancun or anywhere in the Mayan Riviera, please email me... my address is I have many friends all over the Yucatan and Mexico who would be happy to answer ANY question that you have. Or would be happy to give you their input or advice on visiting here. This is a beautiful area, full of amazing people. But there are many that are using false stories or half truths and various manipulations to achieve their own agenda.

I have no agenda. I live in Mexico, with my kids. I want Mexico to be safe. i would not allow my children to be in an unsafe place. But I allow my children more freedom here in Tulum, Mexico then I did in the USA. It is because the people here are all looking out for my kids. Please. if you have concerns about visiting, please contact me. I will get you in touch with someone who lives in that town so that you can get REAL information. Information that you will most likely not be getting in main steam press. again also check out ANY of the blogs on my blog role and all of them would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Get real information about a place. Please do not rely on media stories that are designed to invoke fear in order to sell papers. We live here, we walk the streets (sometimes a little in cohesive - BE SAFE!!!) ask us, we would be happy to tell you anything. The good, the bad the ugly... but usually the amazing.


Michele in Playa said...

We have been getting a lot of calls recently as well, even my mother in law called today and she has been here on several occassions. It's hard not to pay attention to all the media hoopla I guess.

On Mexican Time said...

Well said - however, up North the news stories being run/written are ridiculous. I've actually seen ones that depict Cancun as a war zone? WTF! I honestly don't know how they can even get away with writing that garbage... Nonetheless, they do, but when we write blogs like this - it helps! I wrote one awhile back, but think I'll have to do it again!!

Paula said...

Glad to hear that you addressed the safety issue. Living here in San Diego, they have put out several warnings about crossing the border in TJ,, as spring brreak is coming and alot of kids travel to TJ for spring break.
Love you

American Mommy in Mexico said...

We are feel safe on the Pacific Coast too.

Common sense is the rule - anywhere you live!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Michele- I know. I am glad that people take their safety seriously but I wish more people were not allowing scare tactics to rule.

On Mexican Time- WTF is right- Cancun a war zone. I had some one search Tulum kidnapping?? again WTF????

Momma- I think you are right, those who live near the boarder hear the worst news. And we are so far from the boarder.

Am. Mommy- Coast to coast - if people are not stupid, and do not get involved with illegal activities then they will be fine. :)

Wisconsin Mom said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. We have a wedding coming up in May at Dreams Tulum Resort. We just want to make sure all of our guests are safe.

Do you have any suggestions of fun things to do outside of the resort? We do want to do some shopping.
Thank you!

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