My son's diet

Okay, I am just amazed at my son's eating habits. Now I know that it has always been said that boys eat a lot and they eat all the time. But I thought that was more at 12-18. Akilean is 4 and eats soooo much. He has always eaten a lot since he was born. When I would take the kids out for a breakfast date, I would order their breakfast from the regular menu. Lena would eat the pancakes and Akilean would eat all of the eggs and sausage.

He has always avoided carbs and is much more of a protein person. He will eat all of his veggies, meat, eggs, fruits while pushing all of his carbs to the side. He will have a bite or 2 but would much rather eat the proteins. He is sooo skinny. I wish I ate like that.

This kid wakes up every morning by 8 and within the first 10 minutes of his being awake... "mommy, I'm hungry." So first thing I get up and make him some eggs and ham and fruit, then about 10:00 he wants a snack, then we eat lunch around 11:30, while we walk to town they split a piece of sweet bread or some fruit. (I have to bribe them a little- it is a really really long walk to their classes) Then after their class we go straight home and make dinner. After about 2 hours, he wants more dinner and then it is off to bed.

It is just amazing to me. And he is sooooo skinny. I am telling you that he is going to push our food budget to the max.


Lori said...

It was fun talking to you today. We need to do it again. Love ya!!

Mom said...

Akilean is such a funny eater! But he is very healthy
love you

CancunCanuck said...

Ooh, that lucky boy, to eat like that and be thin! He seems to be very healthy, you should be so proud! Max goes back and forth on food, some days he's a monster, chowing down on everything, the next he wants nothing but yogurt. Oh kids!

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