The garden is growing- and being eaten by HUGE beasts

Well, the garden is growing very well. The herbs and some of the vegetables that I planted in the front yard I think are getting too much sun. Some of them are doing great, some are just starting to come out and I think a lot got burnt. But that is okay. The pumpkin is doing great. It is huge. And there are at least a few onions, tomatoes and radishes that are coming out.
The herbs in the back are also doing very well. And the strawberries are also growing well. The garden has defiantly been a fun project. I hope that the plants start getting bigger. At least bigger then the beasts that are trying to eat them.

This morning while watering the garden I noticed this HUGE grasshopper. I think it is a grass hopper. I am not really one for insect knowledge. I guess it could be a dragon fly. It was huge and just lying there dead in my garden. Scary stuff. maybe that garlic/habanero pepper spray killed it. :) I hope. But anyway.

The kids and I are going to make our very first home made pasta today. I think it is going to be good. We will see. I found some blue cheese (Gorgonzola no less) at my super in town. Any cheese is very hard to find all over Mexico but is really hard here in Tulum. I will post the findings on my cooking/goddess blog.

And then there is always my HUGE cat. Calvin is doing very well. She is coming up on her She is coming up on her 11th birthday. She spends most of her day lounged in the backyard, spread out all over the pavement trying to keep cool. And then there is Hobbs, our adobted cat. He was rescued by our old neighbor when he saw some other kids trying to bury this 5 day old kitten alive. They said that they were buring it because it is a girl cat. Not that it would have been okay then wither but it is ironic that Hobbs is in fact a boy. And when I got Calvin, also at a very young age (about 4 weeks) I thought that I was taking the boy cat. Funny stuff. So now we have Calvin and Hobbs and they are both doing great. Hobbs is much bigger then her original palm width and Calvin can barely be heald with 2 strong arms. (She is even famous around the neighborhood)


Samantha the ArmyWife said...

I'm jealous, I wish I could grow herbs. I love fresh basil in my pasta sauce.... but unfortunately we don't get any direct sunlight in our townhome. :( my only option is to stick them in the garage and buy one of those lights...

Mom said...

WOW, the garden looks great! The pumpkin will tsake over your front yard! I hope your pasta turns out well, I bet it will. Love you dearly!

Michele in Playa said...

So, what else are you trying to grow? What's in all the soda bottles? I'm starting to collect used milk cartons for the same purpose. Did you bring seeds or harvest them here?

My Way said...

Not a grasshopper, that is what you'd call a locust and sometimes there are locust invasions down there. I've written about it twice in my blog. I do have pictures of the swarms but I don't think they are up on my blog. Will try and look for you.

Here are two links from my blog though:

CancunCanuck said...

Wow, great looking stuff! I've got a black thumb, I kill cacti so I am a bit envious of your skills. Oh, and My Guey beat me to the locust info, it gets pretty nasty when we have an invasion, get your hats on!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Sam- I love fresh basil too- that is what started my need for a spice garden. I hope that you find a good little spot for some.

Momma- Thanks for the pumpkin- it is even bigger now.

Michele- The soda bottles are all herbs. In the front we are trying for your basic Mexican cooking stuff (tomatoes, peppers, onion, etc) And the pumpkin. I brought the seeds and planted here. I could not find any seeds.

My way- Freaking out about the locust- I have images on the 10 commandments movie in my mind. Yikes!!! But thanks- at least I know what they are now. But if I get caught in a swarm- you will now it based on that days post:)

Kelly- Don't scare me.... I am not a bug person:( hehehe

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