a nice day at the beach

Yesterday the kids and Ruben and I all headed off for a day on a totally new area of beach that we had not been to. It was over by Playa Azul. This is a great little hotel and a restaurant that our friend works at. The kite boarding school here (Extreme Control) was opening a new location here and so they had drums and live music and demonstrations. It was a fun day. The beach here is so beautiful. You really start to understand the idea of "caribbean Blue" The ocean is so different then anything else that I have seen.

We packed a few sandwiches and some mandarins and off we went. I cannot wait to have a car and then this will be an almost totally free day. For now it costs us about 100 pesos every time we want to go to the beach. But it was a nice day.

Kennedy loves the ocean. She dives in head first into the waves. And this beach is especially nice to have kids in because it goes shallow for so long and does not drop off. It is very safe. Kennedy even made sure to keep her sucker up out of the water. It was pretty funny.

And then there is Akilean. After first eating all of the meat and tomato out of our sandwiches he grabbed his toy cars and laid down in the sand and played. He has been playing in this exact same way since he was about 14 months old. I think it is funny that he still does it. When we are out to a restaurant and he starts to get antsy... I simply give him his cars and set him a corner on the floor and he will stay there for the whole time.

We are still working on the lice thing. I am washing the sheets and sofa covers every day but I want to take them to a lavanderia. They need to be done in hot water and dried in the dryer. In the mean time we will just have to make it work. The kids are doing well. It is pretty hot here right now but they have adjusted well. On the days that we go to the beach it is fine but the days we are in the house it gets hot and boring. Oh well... as soon as we have a car everything will get so much easier.

But we are off to town to see what we can get for our 150 pesos. - Our budgets are ever tighter these days and we are trying to get the most out of every penny, or peso. You know what I mean.


Paula said...

The beach looks wonderful! What a fun way to spend the day! Love you

Diane said...

great pictures!! That is cute about your kids. Kenniedy with the sucker! hahaha :) adorable

Michele in Playa said...

Looks like a great day. We spent Sunday on the beach in Akumal. II never get tired of just staring out at the water and al its shades of blue.

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