Everyone is in bad shape

Okay it has been an interesting few days. Hobbs got hit by a taxi and pretty much cannot move. We have set up a little spot in the front of the house where Hobbs just lays all day. We have put his water and food there and a little box. He can move around if he needs to but does not. The poor little thing.

And there is the kids. Last week I started taking them to a class at the cultural center and within just a few days I noticed that they have gotten lice. The poor little things. In talking to some friends here it seems like it is pretty common here especially because it is so humid here. I am just so glad that my kids hair is so light. I was able to see a problem right away. I hope it is not too hard to get rid of. One of the hard things is that all of the remedies that are recommended we cannot do. For example, washing everything in hot water and putting in the dryer- we cannot do that. Our hot water does not go into our washing machine. Then it says that we should vacuum the mattresses- well, we cannot do that because we do no have a vacuum. Everything here is tile.

My Grandma on my fathers side is not feeling well. I hate not being there for her. I loved living in San Francisco and getting to visit her as much as I did. It is always fun to be at her house. She has so many cool things that she has found and collected and re invented over the many years. And there are so many with incredible stories. Not to mention that she is a kick in the pants. She has a great sense of humor. There were so many things that we disagreed on but always had fun talking about them. She loves to discuss religion, politics, gossip and history- both family and world. I miss her a lot. I will have fun so much fun when I get to see her again in April.

For now, I am sitting in a totally clean house - ready for valentines day. I am going to remake my Gorgonzola pasta dish but this time with regular bow tie pasta. Tortellini is crazy expensive and the sauce is going to be so good anyway so... And then we are going to have chocolate fondue with pineapple, mango, apple, mandarin, short bread and sliced coconut. That is if I can find chocolate chips. That is one thing that I have not been able to find here. The things that I took advantage of all of the things that were just sooooooo easy to grab in the USA. Very crazy.

Okay, I have cleaned this whole house, done 3 loads of laundry, cooked on a hot plate, spent hours getting lice off of kids and combing through hair and catered to tiny kitten


CancunCanuck said...

Oh hon, I'm so sorry about all this! I hope everyone is feeling much better soon.

Is there a lavanderia in town where you can at least give the sheets and pillow cases a good hot wash and dry? Good luck mami!

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

hey Minds... Where are you going in April? I wanna see you guys! I hope things turn around for you and the lil' kitty! That's sooo sad!

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