Going to the circus.

yesterday was Ruben's day off and we have been really excited to take the kids to Carnival and the circus. There have been some trucks cruising through the streets selling tickets. It has been fun even to see the trucks because they have one of the animals with them. We have seen a bear, some camels & lamas and a tiger. It was really funny to watch the kids when they heard the music coming into the area-- they would run outside and wait for the truck to go by.

So yesterday morning we woke up - to the unfortunate site of a scorpion in my house. I yelled fro Ruben to come and get it. I have recently found out that I could have killed it with the spray that I keep handy for cockroaches, but waking up Ruben was more fun! hehehe!

We made a really great meal (recipe on other blog) and got ready to head to town. It was our plan to go to fair that was set up for carnival. When we got to town we were pretty disappointed to find out that the celebration for Carnival was only for 3 days.
In Ruben's town it is for 10 days so we thought we were okay but... no. Oh well. This is the type of stuff that I want to have on my tourism blog so that people (mostly expats) who live here and people visiting can know events that are going on. And as of yet, I cannot find that information on any blog. I was upset at first because I simply would have brought the kids by myself on a day when Ruben was working, but we wanted to wait for Ruben. I was upset but got over it. I need to improve my Spanish so that I can read that information myself.

The Circus was to have 2 shows, a 6:30 and an 8:30. We got their around 5:30 and watched all of the games and rides being packed up onto trucks. This is probably a better thing because we really do not have any money and Those fairs just suck the money out of you. We were all set to go into the circus for the 6:30 show and in true Mexican fashion... yeah, there wasn't one. No reason, no explanation. Just, no, we are going to do the show at 8:30. It is things like this that you really learn are just a part of life here. I have gone to take the kids to their classes before which start at 1:00. Yeah, they did not show up until 2:15. Why? No reason or explanation... that is just the way it is. Oh well. It really helps you not to take things to seriously and is helping me to not stress the little stuff as much. But it is still annoying.

Once we got into the 8:30 showing we got our popcorn and soda and found some great seats. The tigers were fun to see but it is also sort of sad. For everything that I have heard about the treatment of animals at the circus it made me sad. During intermission they brought out a baby tiger to take pics with and he was clearly doped to the gills. It was sad. It was at this point that we left because the kids were passing out in our arms. I wish we could have seen the elephants but oh well.


Diane said...

a scorpion!! ohh I would just freak if I saw one! Great pictures. You look fabulous as always! :)

Paula said...

Honey....so good to talk to you today...I have been thinking about your "ant" problem...I read somewhere that you can make a spray from garlic and chili pepper to spray on veg's and flowers to ward off the pests

Samantha the ArmyWife said...

Kind if sad the show didn't start at 630, if it had the kiddos probably would have gotten to see more. I remember loving the circus as a kid- taking the metro into DC and seeing the animals, but now as you do I look at it differently due to how the animals are treated/trained. Looks like you all had a great time! :)

My Way said...

So sad about the circus animals. They are in small cages sitting out in the blistery sun all day. Makes my heart ache.

Regarding the scorpions, just be aware that the bug spray only stuns them. I made that mistake with my first one. I zapped it with the spray, put it outside my door and it kept crawling back in. So be careful, after you stun them, throw it in the bushes far away (a long dustpan helps with this so you don't have to get close). Or you know, use a hammer like some of my friends do. Haha!

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