Hobbs got hit by a taxi

Today has been a real roller coaster. The morning started off great. We all woke up early, beautiful day... and then... Akilean, outside riding his bike, starts screaming/crying. I can tell that it is not his "I'm hurt" scream but that something was really wrong. I ran outside to Akilean recounting the story of a taxi driving by and Hobbs running out in the middle of the street. I was not really sure what Akilean was talking about until I saw Hobbs and another guy came over to tell us what he had seen. The taxi was going a little fast but not insane and Hobbs charged out to cross the street and saw the car and froze and the taxi hit him.

He is okay and will be okay. His legs on the right side of his body had a lot of fur and skin ripped off and there is 1 part of his back leg that is pretty chopped up by a rock or something. He has been sitting in 1 spot all afternoon. The kids are doing good job at leaving him alone as every time they touch him he squeals.

He had just started to get better from when Akilean hurt is leg about 6 weeks ago. The poor little thing. I was really upset for Akilean too. He was really upset about the whole thing. Poor Hobbs. He is really living up to his name of Hobbs, Even though he was not named for hobbling around. He was actually named for the old comic strip "Calvin and Hobbs"- well really Calvin was named for that and Hobbs was just the perfect companion name. Sort of funny. I hope he is okay.


Diane said...

oh my gosh! I am so sorry! :(
I hope Hobbs gets better very very soon!

RiverGirl said...

Hope Hobbs is better soon, poor guy!

Mom said...

POIR POOR HOBBS!!! If ever a cat has nine lives then hobbs is living up to that! I sure hope he gets better soon and learns to stay in the yard...love you

My Way said...

Yikes....did you take the kit kit to the vet?

Hope he gets better. Stupid cab driver. They actually speed up down there when they see a pet on the road. :(

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