El Presidente de Tulum!!!- Marciano!-

These past few days have been very interesting. We have had a spot of rainy and humid weather these past few days. This has been okay though because we have been making more comfort food then anything. I must say that I am really enjoying cooking so much more. It is nice to have the time to do it. On Saturday I took the kids the beach as promised.
But the wind was making it very difficult to eat our food. It was getting covered with sand. We decided to head home and try the beach another day. I really needed to get a number of things at the store in order to make ANY sort of meal so we headed off to town. We ate at this really cute little french bistro. There are 4 restaurants in a row here that all open up to a courtyard in the middle of the block- completely surrounded.
When we first got to Tulum we ate at the Italian place. Very small and incredibly good food. I cannot remember the name right now but I will get it and report back. I also want to take pictures of the front of the building because all of the restaurants have done a somewhat similar paint decor on the wall but each in the colors that match the theme of the place.

So in a row is a stunning Italian spot, a sushi place, a french bistro and about to open is a fusion cafe called elements.

The kitchens in each place are the same size as any home kitchen in the US - so the food is not super fast. But everything is made fresh to order. And what is very cool- is that you can order from more then one and sit anywhere. The feel is very elegant but as relaxed chic as only this town could be. The Sushi place has been in town for a while but was just moved to that location in November. Le Bistro has only been open for a few weeks and the cafe should be open soon.

They have done a great job with the decor in the courtyard and still more work is being done. The brown chairs are from Le Bistro, the red and black are from Sushill-Out and they are working all over the courtyard. I really hope that Tulum continues to grow in this direction. Small, family owned and operated but chic places. We also have beautiful linen and stunning beachwear stores that have opened lately. The town really has a chance to become a very cool area. But with investors like Donald Trump in the area I guess we will see which way it will go. Either way. It is turning into a very cool little town.

At Le Bistro Ruben and I shared a flank steak with a wonderful blue cheese sauce, a salad with goat cheese and the kids split a croquet Madam. At first I was not sure what this was going to be- it turned out to be a ham, cheese with a bechamel sauce sandwich with a fried egg on it. It was great. There was some sort of seasoning in that sauce that I can't figure out. And it was only $45 pesos. It was a great deal. At the end we all shared a chocolate cake with sauce. Again, everything is made to order so it was a longer meal but that was great.

I also learned some thing interesting. First I thought it was strange that the election was on a Sunday. I mean here more so then back in the USA - everything is closed on Sunday. But also during the election process the stores and restaurants in the whole town stop serving alcohol. The day before and the day of the election there is no alcohol served anywhere in town. Our dinner would have been a little better with a glass of red wine but it was still amazing. But finally the election is over. And now we will not here the bike or car drive by screaming political ads up and down the roads all day and all night. Yeah!

I am going to try to make the kids dish some morning. I will put the recipe on my cooking blog.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having fun exploring Tulum! Keep up the good work

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