Rainy day deep clean

Well, in this little house there is absolutely NO kitchen. It does have a counter at least which is better then our old house. But other then that there is simply a sink sticking out of the wall. So we have filled the space with a fridge, a shelving unit which is ALL of the storage we had for ALL kitchen things and food. - That is tough.

Well, we have lived here for about 3 months and so it was time for a deep clean. We pulled everything away from the wall, emptied all of the shelves and built some new "shelves". In this case it is 2 cement blocks with a board on it. We know have all of our spices and oils on a little shelf by my knees. We cleaned the outside of all the pots and pans and organized all of our utensils. We also built a little side table out of cement blocks to put by the computer.

Once the kitchen was totally clean and put back together we made a great dinner. (recipe on other blog) and took a nice hot shower. The kids fell asleep early and I got to hang out in my clean little house.

I know that I am strange but a clean, well organized room always makes me really happy. I lit the candles and watched a movie. I must say... GREAT NIGHT!


Diane said...

ooohh I really like the candles!! :) What an awesome blog you have! :) Keep it up! :)
Sorry about the small kitchen :( but you make it look fabulous!! :)

Mom said...

Honey..it looks great! I must say that maybe you got the cleaning bug from me..but now that I am a little older i tend to let things get a little messy..you did see my closet when you were here..i keep saying that on a cold rainy day I will get it all organized, but in San Diego we don't have too many of those kind of days...keep up the good work honey..I am so very proud of you and what you are doing
love you

Scott said...
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Scott said...

It looks like you are making a nice home for your family.It can never be tooooo clean. Keep up the good work. Miss you guys
Uncle Scott

Beth said...

Looks great! Really - It looks like a happy family lives there!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Hey Diane: thanks- I love the candles too. (thanks Mom and Neal)

Hey Momma: I definitely got it from you.

Uncle Scott: hey good to "see" ya- the house is coming along nice. I miss you guys.

Beth: thanks- we try- with kids though it is certainly not every day :)

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