Cat on a hot tin (well Cement) roof

While setting up my new laundry lines up on the roof I noticed that my little cat Hobbs was up there. Now this little cat has certainly shown that she can get almost anywhere so I should not really be surprised. But I am a little bit. There he was bouncing from house to house as if it was his play ground. Not that it is all that surprising. Ruben and I are doing pretty much the same thing. Since all of the roofs are flat we are setting up a little chill area up there. I think that it is going to be very nice. We finally got our little hammock chairs hung up and the punching bag that I got Ruben for Christmas. I hope that this punching bag turns out to be a good workout. We both really need to lose some weight. As soon as we get the roof set up I will post some pics. I still cannot believe that my little kitty climbed his way up and down the ladder. That is such a funny sight.


mom said...

I canot believe Hobbs was able to climb the ladder! goes to show you..hobbs only needs 3 legs

Lori said...

Wow a punching bag. That is intense. That can get your heart rate up. Do you use it too? Love ya!!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

Hey Lori, I do use it. It is a really good work out. We do not have a lot of room for equipment and it is way too hot to go running or anything like that. So it is fun to use.

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