2009!!!! Here I come

As with every start to the New Year myself, like everyone else is running around analyzing their lives trying to figure out how they are going to fix the things they do not like. I think the biggest thing I want to change this year is not so much the end result but the journey. I am not sure if I will ever reach each of the goals that I set for me and my family, but I definitely want to change to way I try to reach it. I think 1) I'll have a much better chance of getting there and 2)If I do not reach it I want enjoy the time I had while trying. Below are the traditional "new Years Resolutions and then their translated journey oriented counterparts.

1) lose 20 lbs. Okay- this may never happen. I mean I live in the land of fresh corn tortillas, beans, rice and lets not forget Tequila.

2) Do not yell at my kids. - Again, this might not happen. But I am going to try.

3) Become a citizen. And get the kids citizenship.

4)Build my house. Yeah this would be killer. But then there is the reality of being broke, being busy, being in Mexico and not knowing the process here yet.

5) Start our business. Well, this is really dependant on #3 and again, for the same reasons as #4, broke, busy and having no idea what we need to do.

6) Clean house everyday. Every mother is laughing right now. This is impossible to do even if you had 8 hands, let alone the failing 2 that I have.

So here are the translated daily goals I will have every morning.

Today I will...

1) Live a more active lifestyle. When I hang the laundry on the roof, do some stretches and yoga poses and some sit up. It does not have to be a whole huge routine. This is where I have failed in the past. Just a few moves, but frequently. Nothing that is going to make me immediately hate it. I need to get a bike and get over my fear of the kids on their bikes. Simply play more!

2) Have more positive times with the kids. More cooking together, more reading together, more working on the computer together. I think I will get lucky and that this will turn into more well behaved kids and therefore will need less yelling. I get way too stressed out about the kids being well behaved. I think that this one goes hand in hand with #1.

3) Make steps to attain permanent status. Okay... one thing I have learned here is that very little can be accomplished in just 1 trip. It usually requires several trip. And I am not just talking immigration, but trips to the bank, trying to pay my electric bill, EVERYTHING! So this is better served as breaking it down. Get docs translated to Spanish (by a certified translator no less) Get the kids done as they are more a matter of paperwork. And at least get what ever the first requirements are for citizenship, satisfied.

4) Get out with Ruben and start clearing the land, get docs from Ejido for land and start title process. Also get bids for the house design so we know what we need to do.

5) Work on website and business plan This is also a big part of #3. I am going to do a travel tourism blog about Tulum and try to generate revenue. And Ruben and I want to get our business plan finished.

6) Enjoy the small steps that if taken every day will remain small and enjoy the process rather then loath it. Okay- this is something that in trying to be a domestic goddess - 1 handed- I want to wake up early (this is my favorite time of day here)- And since the traditional sense of meditation does not work for me, I realized that while I am doing my dishes and laundry - this is when I have found myself meditating. I have to focus so hard on what I am doing as to not tweak my hands that I cannot really focus on much else. Every other worry gets put to the side.

7) Be better to my body. I need to drink more water, use more natural products and take care of my skin. I think again I need to enjoy the process more if I give into it rather then loath it. Eat with a lot more fish and even more veggies.

So long story not so short... There is my start to 2009! Keep posted to see how I do.


paulaj43 said...

sounds like you have a great plan for 2009

Mike from East Coast Canada said...

I hope you go thru with your planto develop a Tulum travel blog or website - we love Tulum and have been visiting for 4 years now, and would love to know more.

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