Kick ass monopoly game- even better flight

I must say that I have never been a huge fan of the game monopoly. Probably because I always got my butt handed to me, usually via "free Parking" but the other day I was sitting in the house playing with Ruben, Lena and Akilean and we were playing teams. Well I must say that the kids lost interest pretty quick. They did however love knocking the dice in the little cup and throwing them on the table and counting the dots... first in English and then in Spanish. I must say that it took the first many rounds around the board much longer hen normal but it was fun. The kids then left to play with their other toys in their room while Ruben and I were left to finish the game. I must say that I kicked Ruben's ass. By the end of the game I literally owned every piece of property n the board. And it was made all the better because as Ruben owed a lot of money on my "Lucy and Linus" spot with the dog house on it (it was Peanuts Monopoly) we started to trade chores round the house. It was nice beating him peanuts monopoly and then getting dinner cooked and the dishes done. :) That was great. I must say that it is even then just winning but not having to do some of the household stuff was even better.

This would have been enough of a highlight but it was made even better the fact that the 2nd leg of our flight to San Diego to visit my mom and Neal in was a true travel highlight. Although they were not perfect on the first (of course very long leg) of our travels but the 2nd leg was wonderful... but way too short. As soon as we got on the plane I read the kids 2 Bernstein bears book (I love this series) and awaited our take off. Akilean was asleep by the time the flight attendants finished their first little spiel. Then Lena drifted off and I sat there listening to my cd player (although Sugarland had a scratch) with a wonderful chicken walnut sandwich from Paradise bakery and a HUGE diet coke. Not to be confused with Coca light. Any of my fellow expat diet coke lovers can appreciate he difference. And although it was only a few 45 minutes of paradise (followed by lugging 2 totally sleeping babies through the airport to baggage claim) it was wonderful. I wish it would have been on the first leg but what are you going to do.

Although we love living in Mexico... the coca light is not one o the highlights.


My Way said...

That is so strange. You're the first person that's said that they prefer diet coke to Coca Light. I prefer Coco Light myself and most people that travel to Mexico love coming here for the Coca Light if you can believe it!

My Way said...

Shit I messed up twice.

It's "Coca" and not "Coco" and I said "here" when I meant "there".

Yup, still haven't integrated yet..!

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I think it is mostly a matter of that i grew up of Diet Coke and Coca Light just tastes so different. :) If I ever come up to Canada I will brng you a Coca Light. hehehe

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