US Airlines accident

Okay I am freaking out a little bit. In a few days I am boarding an airplane to head home to Cancun. I am taking US Airlines and I am flying through Charlotte, North Carolina. Well... today as a flight was taking off our of New York heading to Charlotte, North Carolina hit a flock of birds and made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. I have to say that this is not making me feel very good about getting on a plane. The good news as Mom and Neal put it was a) that it happened today and that the chances of it happening again are very unlikely and b) that the pilot landed the plane with no injuries. But I have to say that I have never been a big fan of flying and now that I have my kids with me I am even more freaked out. I guess there is really nothing that you can once you are in the plane but I am not looking forward to it.


mom said...

all went well for you...I was freaking out a little also, but now that you are home safe and sound I feel better...but I don't know how you did the getting home from Cancun..but you are strong and i love you so much..Mom

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