My garden

It has been a little project of ours to get a garden growing down here. Since we live in an area with a pretty constant water supply (at least for plants) and a year round growing season, it seemed only natural to grow some veggies and what not. Since we are on a very tight budget (living off around $500 dollars a month) we do not have the money to buy pots and such for the plants. So we got an idea from my friend Jordan to use cement blocks as a boarder and use the holes in the blocks as places to grow herbs. Before filling the holes with soil, we raked the grass and used all of the dry clippings to put in the bottom of each hole. This did 2 things, 1) we used half as much soil which helped the budget and 2) it allows for some drainage. We had 1 or 2 blocks break apart so we smashed them into smaller peieces and also put those into the holes as well. Anyone who has lived here or been here during rainy season knows the down pour so we did not want our seeds to flow away.
We are currently growing cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkin, sweet corn, a few types of tomatoes, several types of peppers, radishes, lettuce, celery, bunching onions and bulb onions, and a few different herbs. We started by putting the seeds in a towel and keeping it moist so that they could germinate. The did a great job and are now ready to be moved to the garden. The kids are really excited There is still a lot that we want to grow but I will need to head to the states to get the seeds I want. Here are some pics of our project.

While preparing our yard for this project we moved our cooler that had been sitting since our latest trip to the beach and we found that a little friend had been living there. Here is the frog that has been living in the wheel of our cooler for at least the past few days. The kids had been playing with the hose so they are totally wet. We have had a really good time finding all sorts of crazy animals. I have 1 video of this crazy animal that I am jsut dying to know what it is. I will post it in another entry to see if anyone can tell me what it is.


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