Home at last

well, I am home from San Diego visiting Mom and Neal. There were parts of the trip that were great and there were parts of the trip that were not. The actual process of getting home had to be the least fun. We had to fly from San Diego to North Carolina- overnight on a totally booked flight, then wait in the airport for 2.5 hours to take the flight to Cancun.
Once we got all of our bags we had to take a bus to Playa del Carmen and then walk about 4 blocks dragging 3 bags and 2 kids to the collectivo and take that to Tulum. then I did not want to spend the 20 pesos for such a short drive so I walked to the house. That part was not easy. But as soon as I got home I saw Ruben... everything gets better when Ruben is around.
I just feel better. Sort of ironic given current situations but he makes everything in me happy. Oh well. We had a pretty fun time playing with the helicopters at mom and Neal's house. It was crazy. I cannot remember the last time the kids laughed that hard.
As soon as I got back I fell asleep for several hours. The travel was really hard and there was a lot of crap on my mind. It is good to be back.


mom said...

cute pictures

Lori said...

Looks like you had fun. I hope that you will make it to portland sometime this year. I would love to see you.

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