Just another fun Saturday.

Today was a good day. Ruben got up and made coffee and brought it to me in bed which... I must say if the rest of the day totally went to shit- that would have been enough. But it did not. Today was really fun. We woke up and made these little screens for our plant bed- ghetto but they work. Plus they keep the cats out of my fresh barkdust thinking that it is there for their litter box. And the plants themselves are growing like crazy. Then after playing in the yard for a little while, the kids and I headed off to the park.
Akilean has gotten really good on his bike. Lena does not like that her helmet makes her head sweat and I have tried to explain that there is no getting away from sweating here in Mexico. Hopefully soon we will be able to save up for a car and that will make going to the beach a much more appealing option. As of right now it is a 100 peso day just in cab fair and it is down a road that is not safe for us to bike down.

Hobbs has also gotten much much bigger. I went into the kids room the other day and there he was, sleeping as he loves to do curled up by our knees. Then a little while later I went into my room and found him sleeping all spread out on my blanket. And there is another interesting thing... we have actually used our blanket lately. It has been chilly at night.
Beautiful during the day but it has definitely been chilly at night. Other then that there is not much to report. I cannot wait to set our roof set up so that we can hang out up there. the laundry lines are up and the laundry dries so fast. It is great. Again, we look totally trashy but oh well.


Beth said...

Just stumbled across your blog - Lots of fun to read! Congratulations on your move!!!


Mom said...

sounds like a good saturday...sure miss you honey

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