The Party Continues- Jordan and Sammy are here!!!

Jordan and Sammy (our friends originally from SF but now live in Oxkutzcab) and their kids came to visit us. We had such an amazing time. At first we just hung out at the house and caught up. It has been many years since all 4 of us were together. Then we decided to head down to the beach to get in a few minutes of ocean and make a fire for dinner.
Well, when we got there- the kids wasted no time running in to the waves and dancing on the beach.
And the boys wasted no time hauling boulders and large pieces of wood and things that we needed for our fire. As for us wives (and Lola :) we got right to the business of setting up our cozy little area to sit in.
It was great. The boys made a terrific dinner and a perfect fire- the kids were having a blast - covered in the sand and even though it was long after sunset- the moon gave this bright blue light on the beach. And it was really warm. It was great. We ate pork, chicken (possibly turkey legs - not sure)hot dogs and a huge steak. All served with tortilla, grilled onion and salsa. The boys had set up everything that we needed to make a larger bomb fire closer to the ocean and it was a beautiful fire. We even had people come and ask us for our logs so they could start their fire- it was a really fun time.

The next morning after breakfast, we headed off to a cenote that I have really wanted to go to, Cristalino. It is one of the least expensive to get into and considered a local spot more then a tourist location. You can take your cooler, food and everything. It was amazing. So beautiful and as you can see the kids had an amazing time. The water was so clear that you could see all the way to the bottom as though it was 3 feet down. In fact at many places it was much much much deeper then that. There was a beautiful little cave that the kids kept hunting for treasure in. The kids made friends with many locals that made their way though and swam and hung from the rope for hours.

Ruben has as much fun as the kids while jumping from high points to the cheering kids below. It was amazing. The water is fresh and you can feel the minerals in the water. My skin has never felt better. I cannot wait to bring my mom and brothers here when they come. They are going to love it. Kennedy and Akilean (like usual- had all the people oooing and awing over them) it is so cute.


paulaj43 said...

great pics..looked like you guys had a great time...I can't wait to go there!

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