A nice lunch on the beach

Ruben and I have tried to go to this one place on the beach and we have not had much luck. It has either been closed for a wedding or just closed in general. But, we have been taking the kids to a class at the cultural center. They love going to their classes and Ruben and I loved going to lunch without the kids. We went to Ana y Jose and had a wonderful lunch. The place is right on the beach and is just beautiful.

The longer I live here the more I love it. Now granted, there is enough that sucks, but it is easily over shadowed by the beauty and simplicity that is Tulum. I am so excited to see what this town becomes.

After our wonderful lunch, Ruben and I grabbed the kids and headed home to make home made tortellini. My favorite food of all time is from Mona Lisa in San Francisco's North Beach. So we made our own. The sauce was perfect- the tortellini not so much. But then I was rolling it by hand and I really need a pasta roller.
But it was a fun project. Then at the end of the evening the kids got in their Halloween costumes and put on a show. (Kennedy is such a little model)
She is so cute and loves to pose. She definitely got my flare for the dramatic arts. And I must say, Akilean can really pull off this outfit!!! hehehe


Mom said...

What a cool place to have lunch, the setting looked beautiful! I am glad the kids are enjoying their classes. Love you

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