Casa Cenote

Today we took the kids to visit Casa Cenote. Cenotes are the kids favorite thing to do here and there are so many to visit. It is our goal to visit as many different ones as possible. Casa Cenote is just north of Dreams Tulum off of the main road, 307.

We took a collectivo from town to the road where the cenote is. The collectivo cost us 15 pesos per person. The kids sat on our lap so they did not cost anything. Once we got off the collectivo, there was a very long walk to the cenote. We were not ready for that long of a walk but it was not too bad. There were also some beautiful houses on this road on the beach. Some of these homes are for rent.

We finally came to the cenote. It was beautiful. It was very near the ocean so you could hear the sounds of the ocean and the water was much more salty then some of the other cenotes. The water extends about 200 meters back into the jungle. It is so beautiful.

You could clearly see the bottom of the cenote and you could see tons of fish. The person who was running the cenote did tell us that we were welcome to swim as far back as we wanted but did say that we needed to be aware that there could be crocodiles. It is possible that they are there but they said that they check every morning and every night. We got to swim a lot and had a lot of fun.

We got hungry and had only brought a few things to eat. But Akilean, as always, was hungry. Not surprising. That kid is always hungry. We ate across the street at the Casa Cenote restaurant. It was right on the beach under a beautifully done palapa. The food was very good and we had a wonderful day. The kids and I went swimming some more while Ruben headed to work.

After a little while we got tired and started to long trek home. That road was much longer the 2nd time but that was okay. Once we were on the main road we waited for the collectivo and headed home. All of us have a bit of a red face but we had a lot of fun.


Michele in Playa said...

Cenote Manatee is great, maybe a dit less dramatic than others, but still a fun time and great for kids and beginning snorkelers. Looks like a nice day.

Samantha the ArmyWife said...


CancunCanuck said...

Beautiful spot, the kids are too cute. Lucky little ones to have an active lifestyle and what a view!

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