What a Dream

The Dreams Tulum resort is as stunning as the Princess. This one is more subtle and elegant and classically stunning. Every single person is so nice. We have spent most of our time at the beach, in the pool and at the bar. The nice thing about this hotel is that room service is even included. And that was very nice when we were staving at 11:30 at night or did not want to get out to eat breakfast. We easily ate and drank our hotel price worth and with the kids club and all of the activities it was amazing. We are hoping that Ruben is able to get a job here. Ruben and I went snorkeling for about 2.5 hours one day. This is incredible considering that the 2nd largest off shore reef (after the great barrier) is just about 100 meters away. We were circled by huge schools of fish, saw amazing coral reef and Ruben almost hyperventilated when he swam directly over a sting ray and then without realizing swam back over it again about 5 minutes later. He said it was one of the scariest things he has ever seen. We had one of our best meals at a little French restaurant and had a great bottle of wine made by the most famous wine maker in Mexico. It was great. And we are really tan to say the least. There have been so many wonderful activities and things to do. There was a great Mexican Fiesta night with a fire show, and the kids broke a piñata. And Ruben went up to do a contest of doing the Mexican scream. “Ahhhhhayhayhayhay!!” etc. It was very funny. And he got up and danced with Lena in the show.


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