Talk about feeling like a Princess

Arriving at the Grand Princess was --- there are no words. I have never stayed at an all-inclusive before. This was one of the coolest sites I have ever seen. We got up into this stunning resort, bright, sunny, and absolutely beautiful. Once we got to the room, Ruben had a cheese plate, chocolate strawberries and champagne up in the room and all set up and there with beautiful purple flowers all over the bed. It was amazing. Everywhere in the hotel that you go there are pools, places to eat or drink, palapas for relaxing and sunning and beautiful landscaping.

The kids went to the kids club, which at first we were really nervous for. You know, “how many people, how many kids, what do you do???” all of those normal questions. So after quizzing them we said that we would be back to get them around 3:30. Their response was…”well, at 3:30 we are going to heading over to the beach, so that might not be a good time.” US: “okay how about 5:00” THEM: “well, at that point we are going to be preparing for the big show tonight, then we are going to dinner and then we will be getting ready to perform the show. Why don’t you guys go have a nice dinner and then come to the show” (a cool Broadway review and the kids are in CATS) A number of hours to swim and lay on the beach together followed by getting dressed up and going to a nice dinner by ourselves? We were sold.
Thrilled that the kids were going to have so much fun and that Ruben and I got some alone time we went off. We got to float around the pool, relax in the sun, and lay on the beach. At one point the kids even saw us, ran up and gave us a kiss, and said “see you later mommy and daddy.” It was amazing. The people who ran the kids club were wonderful, full of energy, really attentive and really enjoyed what they were doing. And it was typically the same people so the kids really got to know them and like them. We had a great dinner at the French restaurant, sat and drank wine, and headed off to see the show. The show was so much fun and to see the kids come out on the last song and be totally into it was the best.


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