Life is Looking up!!

I was writting an email to my girlfriends tonight and I thought that it was a pretty appropriate post... there are some things that have happended that have made me very happy. so here is the jist...
things are going well. Ruben has gotten a job as a bartender at a beautiful all-inclusive hotel. there is the link in case you wanted to see. he has had 3 jobs since we got here but the first few were total jokes. making 100 pesos ($10) a night but tipping out 80 pesos. the math did not work. Well, this one might just work. He made $18 USD his first night- which for here is very good, and we have all met Ruben and if you have had one of his drinks then you know why they tip, plus... I am not biased when I say that he has that... je n'se qua... well, I do know how to say.. he is charming and hot... so they tip. :) what every baby... just bring home the bacon (or pesos as it were) we have also found a new place to live. It is in the same area that we are in now but farther from the frech drain (which is very good) and a little cuter. Not much, but a little. In addition, our neighbor sold us their chair and love seat, coffee table and kitchen table and that makes our house more of a home. It actually looks pretty cute. Although I give more credit to Ross then anyone else. The kids and I were playing soccer outside yesterday (until the neighbors dog appropraitly names "cow" ate our ball) and I met the kids of the "hood". One of them named Jamie about 11 years old brought me a video "barbi" for Lena and then brought me some tamales his mom made. Some of the best I have EVER had. Things are simpler here. sometimes for the worse but like tonight... so much more for the better. life is simple. that is not always good in my mind but maybe good for me. when I went to thank Jamie's mom for the tamales she told me that they have a new kitten that Jamie had found some kids trying to bury alive and they were looking for a good home... well I ask you.... what kind of a person whould I be if I did not immediatly bring him in. So I have. I have a new chair and loveseat, a new table, new friends and new kitten whom I have names Hobbs. :) hehehe Calvin and Hobbs,. so far Calvin hates her, but she will come around. I think it is all the dog hair on the sofas more then the kitten. hehehe.

anyway.. I wanted to tell my dearest friends that things really are looking up. I really miss home but I am sure that things are going to be good for me here.

I miss you guys very much and I can assure you that as soon as you are ready to take a break from hell and join me in paradise... I will be waiting with a plate full of tamales and kitten. I miss you guys. and I love you all very much. Please write soon. My computer, and my cats, are my only solitide. ( I have finished all of the DVDs of the West Wing) hehehe


Lori said...

It is so fun to read about what you are up to. Sounds very exciting!! Keep us posted.

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