The ups and downs are killing me…

Okay our venture to get some land has been much harder then we thought. A lot of this is just the nightmare that comes to moving anywhere new but especially to a new country. And it is just missing one little piece of one of the 3 possible scenarios to fix something... but when you are missing the stupid little piece to all 3 even though they are themselves all different… that is when you what to throw your face into a mocojete. So now, after all of our hunting, we have found some great land. Since the man would not take a deposit to hold the land for a few days, Ruben and I ran around trying to secure tickets to the United States. And this is already bumming us out because now I have to spend my whole birthday on and airplane by myself and Ruben has to cancel the reservations he had made for us all at this place he has heard me comment on. And no sooner then when we finished our plans did we get the call that the land had been sold.
So down we go again….
But then, the man told us about another seller in the area. It is the same measurements and same price, and the real birthday gift… she is willing to take the deposit. So Ruben has wondered off to see if this might work. I hope so. We have planned a great little house that is going to become very valuable soon. Ruben just got home and told me that we got the land, but I need to bring the rest of the money on Friday. So I am off to the States. This actually works out really well. I need to get so many things from up in Oregon that will make our lives so much easier. The biggest thing… our Vonage box. Our phone line works through the internet so I can use it like I am making a local any where in the US for only $15 a month. Very Cool. We are also desperate for a blender, pot holders, and 2 more towels. So. It looks like my blog is about to get a HUGE update. Sorry for all of the pics. Once I get internet at home I can play around more with all of the cool stuff on our computer.


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