Ups and downs

Man, this change has been really hard in some ways and so pleasant in others. This has been broken into a few key categories. The first is just changing to a totally new environment. With all of the beauty and horror that come with it. One the one hand I live in a town that is surrounded by tropical rain forest which is incredible and has even cooler animals. My kids are determined to own a monkey and an iguana. Pets I welcome especially since they eat the down side of this area… the bugs. There are literally spiders 7’’ in diameter. Not all that scary except for the fact that they are tarantulas. The mosquitoes are everywhere and geckos are simply a part of the kitchen décor. And even when you think that this place just sucks you have a day like today…
Today… today stated like so many others. All of us curled up in the room with air conditioning, Ruben and I waking up the second we hear the gas truck honking its horn announcing its arrival on our street. We ran in a hurry because we bought a stove over a week ago but had to wait till we caught the gas truck so we could use it. And like so many things in life… It needed some tweaking before it could work. It always seems like when you are rebuilding your house… for everything that you buy you need to buy 4 things more. Well, this was no exception. So while… Okay.. little interjection. Here is adown side. The ants here are so so tiny that you can hardly see them. I had to stop just then to shake my keyboard because they are in the keys. AHHHHH. But anyway, back to why I love it here. While Ruben was looking at some property, since we could not use the stove and I am sick of being electrocuted by the hot plate (a bad side effect of being in a very humid climate… if your skin is wet and you are bear foot… you will be electrocuted. J ) so I took the kids into town. Something that has been great for our figures, well will be anyway, and I took them to breakfast. We ate at this really cute place in town. And there are so many in this town now. To see all of the cool things that are coming in is so cool. We had a wonderful breakfast, we walked all over town (which at this point takes only an hour) and then we finally caught up with daddy.

During our little jaunt through town, it did what it does a lot this time of year, rained. And I am not talking about a little rain. Sheets of warm water pouring like buckets out of the sky. At one point we ducked in somewhere for cover, by the time we walked out we were walking 7 feet behind a sheet of rain. The kids had a wonderful time. Ruben and I picked up our food for the week and decided that our meat of choice this week was fish. So we were off to the pescadero. (fish market) That day catch had red snapper and lobster tails. The fisherman were ready to head home and gave us 4 lbs of lobster tails, caught 6 hours earlier for 350 pesos (abt $34 us) It fit perfectly into our budget for the weeks food. Needless to say our dinners these past few nights have been amazing.

And this is just one nights dinner.


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