Living with out the basics

The house that we moved into while, built like a rental and a total detour from what I am used to, is not bad at all. The hard about this move has been living without things that are so needed. Not having a fridge, in this heat has been almost impossible. Cooking on a hot plate is driving us both crazy the kids are going to be blind and dumb if they watch one more video on that tiny DVD player. We have parts of all of the things that we need, but not the parts that they need to work. We have a fridge finally J We have a stove but no filled gas can, a washing machine, but no hose long enough to put it any where. And I am sure once we get internet and cable things will get better. On the plus side while looking closely at my cds I noticed one I did not recognize. It was the first disc to the first season of the West Wing. Sorry dad. But I have to tell you it has been more comforting then your pillow at outdoor school. To finally watch something, and something Ruben and I both like, in English J Yeah!!!!


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