Getting out.

This was a nightmare. My day of beauty was thwarted by the fact that I was totally thrown off by the fact that it was Labor Day and almost everywhere was closed which meant that Calvin could not get the docs that he needed to go on the plane. Something that because of the time frame – could only have been done on Monday. (It has to be issued within 72 hours from departure.) Anyway, I was able to get a lot done at the salon which was really good because for the 6 weeks that Ruben was gone- I had totally fallen apart. Communication with Ruben was going horrible and the only thing that kept me sane on this day was the fact that I was Tara and Heidi. People it is easy to laugh with. After I finally got Ruben all set up in Mexico – this was NO EASY TASK… there is a whole fun story but I do not want to relive it. I will say however…if you ever take a trip book at Let’s just say UNREAL SERVICE.
So after painful and long beauty appointments, dealing with Ruben, freaking out about everything that I still had to do, repacking all of my carry-on bags- because of new airline regulations, and on top of everything just being really sad that I was leaving my life here for a whole a new chapter. I was finally off for the airport. Okay imagine this.

Me, all of 5’ with 6 very full black trunks, 3 rolling carry on suitcases, 3 carry on “personal items” – not small in our case, a very fat cat in a carry on with a 3 year old and a 4 year old—sitting in a line for over 45 minutes waiting for the counter to open. It was such a site. Our flight was changed, adding a leg, and was leaving an hour later. This made our wait time at SFO over 5 hours. The cat escaped in 2 airports and the kids were solidly asleep as I boarded. As I was boarding the plan, the ladies on the plane knew I could not handle everything, so they asked me to check a few of my carry ons. Not a problem except that they took my passports with them. So I got to hang out in the immigration area at 5:30 a.m. waiting for them to find my bag and when they did, oh yeah you guessed it, they brought my suitcase in stead of the black duffle bag. Let’s just say that the rest of the trip matched this whole day. But then… It finally happened!!!!! We landed in CANCUN!!!!!.


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